Spex Advisers is a full range business services company. We started like an accounting company and after joined to the one of the biggest legal group in Belarus that named Allford Group. We started at 2011 and we are one of the leading companies that working in accounting, management and legal services.
95 % of our clients are foreign companies. We can offer to our clients competitive price for our services and professional consultancy every time. Experience, responsibility and professionalism are our main goals in our work. Founders of Spex Advisers are practice lawyers and businessmen, so they not just advice you on the base of the law, they will explain how is the law working, what is the real problems of different business activities and how to choose the most profitable way for your business. This is one of the reasons why we operated with international funds and global IT companies.Your business must bring to you incomes as soon as possible, other things are details. We understand it very good, so it easy to find points of connections with us.

Best regards, SPEX Team.