Documents translation and legalization in Belarus. Apostille in Belarus.

SPEX firm is a company that provides high quality translation services using a professional team of native-speaking translators.

We work with the following languages only: English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Arabic and Iranian. The limited number of languages helps us to provide best quality services to our clients.

In the field of documents translation we offer the following services:

– Professional translation services;

– Financial translation (contracts and agreements, commercial invoices, financial statements, balance sheets, reports etc.);

– Legal translation (articles of association, contracts, agreements, certificates etc.);

– Specialized translation services in different fields of business (logistics, tourism, marketing, food and beverage, agriculture etc.);

– Translation of civil documents;

– Certified translation services: passports translation and notarization, documents for immigration, driver’s license translation etc).

Documents notarization in Belarus

SPEX consultants will help you to get your document notarized by local notaries. We will take your documents to the notary public in Belarus and will get it notarize same day. After the document is notarized we will deliver the document back to you.

Our services in the field of documents notarization include:

– Notarization of passport translation;

– Power of Attorney notarization;

– Official documents notarization;

– Official documents translation notarization.

Legalization and Apostille in Belarus

Belarus became a member of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents in 1992. This fact made the process of documents legalization much more flexible and easier for all people and companies.

It takes for us 1-2 working days to get an Apostille done. After it is done we will deliver you all your documents back Apostilled.