Marketing research services in Belarus
Marketing research of the Belarusian market is quite expensive. This is primarily due to the availability of the high-level specialists to carry out such work.
Spex Advisers team conducts marketing research in any areas and sales markets in the Republic of Belarus. The average time to complete the study takes about thirty working days. However, there is a service to accelerate this process.
What you will get by carrying out marketing research in Belarus
1. The study will be headed by the analysis of competing companies and their activities on the territory of Belarus.
2. Further, we include in the research report the market share of the competing company in percentage terms, the approximate volume of sales of goods or services by your competitors in the territory of the Republic, as well as analyze the final cost of the product or service and its pricing.
3. Approximate volumes of monthly and annual advertising budgets, as well as the types of used advertising tools.
4. Information about the banks and contractors used (if it is possible to obtain this information).
5. Information about the top managers and managers of competing companies.
6. The potential market size in Belarus and the purchasing power of the local population to purchase the product or service of interest.
7. Positive and negative norms of civil and customs legislation affecting the sale of goods or services of interest to the Customer on the territory of Belarus.
8. The practice that has developed in the field of goods or services sold.
9. Additionally, a marketing strategy for the sale and realization of goods and services of interest to the Customer can be developed.
10. In addition, we can include other requirements for the study in accordance with the wishes of the Customer.

Ordering such services, you need to understand that the market of the Republic of Belarus is quite small, compared to Europe, the Russian Federation, the United States and it is more suitable for the export of services or goods.
Specialists of Spex Advisers at the request of the Customer can also provide research on the manufacturing enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, provide the current range and export prices, analyze and research the real estate market, both residential and commercial.
Marketing research is a time-consuming procedure and requires a thorough study of a particular industry, however, our specialists annually produce more than a dozen such studies for our customers.