Collection and background check of employees in Belarus

If before hiring a person you need to make sure that he really has the education or work experience indicated in the resume, then you should contact the services of our company.

Perhaps you want to check whether the driver has sufficient experience to work in your company, or the reliability of letters of recommendation in relation to an employee. There are also cases when it is necessary to check the criminal past of potential employees. Our company is designed to help you solve these issues.

The background check plan for employees can vary, ranging from extensive background checks to all items, to the collection of information on only one or a few parameters. Whatever your goals and preferences for collecting biographical data, our company will provide effective assistance.

The information we provide is different:

- timely delivery;

- accuracy and truthfulness;

- compliance with the stated requirements.

We provide data on both the criminal record of employees and civil relations. At the same time, you can order a search for information on the past employment of an employee, letters of recommendation, as well as credit history of both an individual and an enterprise or organization.

Search for biographical information on criminal cases

Our company offers the collection of biographical information on the criminal past, including the presence of convictions for serious crimes committed in Belarus, as well as for less significant offenses.

Civil Case Biography Data Search

The search for information on civil cases regarding the past of employees is carried out in the state of permanent residence of the employee by sending requests to various authorities.

We provide information, including the type of civil case (dispute about the recovery of debts, alimony, insulting honor and dignity, compensation for damage, recovery of harm to life and health, etc.), as well as the case number, the name of the court, the details of the plaintiff and the defendant, the content of the court decision.

Education check

This type of verification includes the provision of information about diplomas, certificates, certificates of education, courses, employee training. We will provide the names of educational institutions and the dates of the employee's training at universities, colleges, professional educational institutions, etc.

Work experience check

We check the seniority of employees: data on work in companies and organizations, periods of work, reasons for dismissal (voluntary resignation, dismissal for committing a disciplinary offense, etc.). We also collect references from past employers.

Control check or personality test

This information is collected by our experienced interviewers. They find out the character and other personal qualities of the employee, the ability to work in multitasking mode, compliance with labor discipline, non-conflict and respect for business ethics and corporate culture.

If you are not sure how much information about the biography of employees you need, then we will certainly come to the rescue in resolving this issue. We will determine what data you need and provide this data.

We need the following information from you:

- the country in which the verification is to be carried out;

- type of check (data to be collected);

- name and surname of the potential employee;

- the email address of the potential employee.

How to find us

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