The firm SPEX helps its clients to make business processes easier and more stable.

Outstaffing and payroll services in Belarus allow you to focus on work without routine operational issues, such as payroll, work permits for foreign workers, calculation of leave and sick leave, personnel development, but the main advantage of conditional labour is saving company money and ease of documentation. You do not need to wait for the creation of the company, registration of employees. You just need to select a candidate and the next day the employee can officially work in your company. Specialists of the firm SPEX provide outstaffing services for more than fifty companies in Belarus, the accumulated experience and practice allow us to provide excellent quality of service for each client.

Salary services of Spex in Belarus optimize your expenses and tax burden. The situation in the salary market and outstaffing allows you to find solutions that will be one hundred percent workable and profitable. Nowadays, the Belarusian legislation is more flexible than, for example, the Russian one, in which payroll services are very strictly regulated by the government and are actually not profitable to use.

Direct salary costs in the Republic of Belarus are about 63 percent over the amount of accrual “in hands”. Such expenses include: income tax, contributions to the pension fund and compulsory state insurance fund, bank commissions. To calculate the direct costs of the employer on salary, you can use for this our specially designed calculator. In Belarus there are also special conditions (in particular, reduction in tax rates) for salaries of employees of companies that are residents of free economic zones and the Hi-Tech Park. To get the calculation of such salaries you need to send a request to our mail.

Why you need outstaffing:
1. The desire to reduce risks for those employees who have not yet passed the probation period and have not confirmed their professional skills.
2. The desire to reduce the number of full-time employees.
3. The desire to reduce the tax burden on your company, to choose a favorable tax system.
4. The desire to attract staff for temporary, seasonal or permanent work.
5. The desire to simplify the work of the personnel and accounts department.
6. The desire to expand the company’s scope of activity.
7. The desire to hire employees in Belarus not establishing a representative office or branch.

The cost of outstaffing services is calculated based on the several factors: the service life, number of employees and salary level provided to employees, and the type of outstaffing. To calculate the cost, please inquire to our Email address:

We provide the outstaffing services with staff search and without staff search. More information about the recruitment procedure can be found here.

At the moment in the Republic of Belarus there is no clear legislative regulation of outstaffing, so every need of our customers is considered individually and they are offered the most profitable, legal and effective solution.
Spex Advisers Company mainly specializes in outstaffing the specialists of top management of companies, Forex employees, betting and gambling companies, IT professionals, managers, accountants, promoters, administrative and support staff, engineers, financiers and economists, as well as many other specialties. We do not work with orders in the field of physical labor, which imply an increased risk to the employee at his workplace (electricians, builders, etc.).
Among the employees of companies that use the services of Spex Advisers are both citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens. We are currently the only company in the Republic of Belarus, which provides services related to obtaining a special permit for the employment of a foreigner in Belarus. This is convenient for our customers as they get a “turnkey” solution. Our specialists have received more than 400 work permits in the last 3 years, and the percentage of re-extension is more than 95%. The main reason for not extending a work permit to a foreigner in the Republic of Belarus is a violation of the current administrative or criminal legislation of Belarus, but in these cases, each situation is individual and our experts have experience in challenging the decisions of the Migration Authorities and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At any time, if it will be necessary, our experts can change your questions of payment for outsourcing services in Belarus that you could be sure and quiet that your business processes are under control.