Recruitment Services in Belarus
Hiring new employees in the Republic of Belarus is an important part of the work in any company. To do this quickly and efficiently, it is important to have a good understanding of labour market trends and know the technologies to find suitable candidates. To optimize recruitment, a lot of employers contact the agencies which provide recruitment services. That allows you not to maintain your own human resources department and not to load non-core employees with recruitment-related tasks. Provision of recruitment services in Minsk or other cities of Belarus is one of the key areas of work of the consulting firm Spex Advisers. We help to find specialists for various fields (IT, banking, sales, medicine, transport, manufacturing, etc.). You can contact us to search for personnel of any level – from unskilled work to senior management.

Full Service Cycle
Our specialists will help to find temporary or permanent employees for short and long terms, as well as to conduct training programs for such specialists.
In the process of recruiting we also use mass recruitment. Our popular HR-service allows you quickly to hire employees for a large number of vacant positions, for example, when you open a new office or store.

In our projects the Recruitment Department of Spex Advisers uses a classic recruiting technology.
Choosing the right technology depends on the characteristics of the task. Our main motivation is the desire to deeply understand the client and provide him high-level professionals.
We mainly specialize in highly qualified jobs – white collar positions.
Currently, the recruitment market in IT field is “overheated” and recruitment is a complex and time-consuming task, but the specialists of our company successfully cope with the tasks of customers.
We also have experience in the selection of specific candidates who are required by the state regulators to be in a particular position. In the main, they are employees of Forex companies, casinos, betting companies, pharmaceutical industry and many others.

Executive Search
– Executive search for similar activities and companies, search in open sources, search through own database, selection.

– Search for the particular candidate
– Search and selection
– Advanced search and selection

Our main directions
– IT
– Banking
– Wholesale and retail sales
– Mechanical engineering and various industries
– Accounting and Economics
– Transport and warehouse logistics
– Management
– Delivery, procurement
– Back office (Secretariat, paperwork, customer service)

Scheme of work
Providing recruitment services in Spex Advisers, we use convenient and simple scheme.
1. Discussion of the task which is set for our company.
2. Formation of technical project.
3. Discussion of the remuneration rate for the selected specialist (it all depends on the particular project; usually the rate does not exceed 10% from annual employee’s salary).
4. Conclusion of a contract for provision of services.
5. Then our specialists determine the most suitable sources of candidate search, select candidates and prepare an offer for the client.
6. Ready offers are sent to the customer and upon approval it is scheduled Skype or Hangouts interview of the candidate with the employer.
7. If the candidate is hired, the customer pays remuneration for the selection.

The result of the human resources department is the hiring of a successful participant. To search for candidates the Recruitment Department of Spex Advisers uses both the open sources and its own internal database, which is updated daily. In addition, we actively cooperate with employment centers and professional communities.

Advantages of Recruitment Department of Spex Advisers in Belarus
Our company employs the specialists who help clients to solve personnel problems of different complexity levels. Annually about 3,500 people are selected in Belarus. The effectiveness of the work is also evidenced by the fact that 85% of customers order recruitment services from us repeatedly. Why should you contact us?

1. Great experience and deserved reputation. We have been looking for business talent for almost 10 years – the history of SPEX began in 2007.
2. Professional approach. The use of modern methods of evaluation and selection of candidates allows you to look for such employees who the employer needs.
3. We give guarantees on the candidates chosen by us.
4. We check their past jobs and collect feedback from previous employers if it is possible.
5. We check the candidates via the criminal and administrative databases of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.
6. We conduct a professional interview-testing for knowledge of English or other necessary languages.

Human resource is “our everything”; it is the matter that we use to create any company. Every organization will be what its human capital will be.
Finding talent and attracting the right people is a skillful balance between the “desires” and “abilities” of the employer and the candidate. In this area you can completely trust the professionals of Spex Advisers in Belarus.