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Recently, Uzbekistan has become the main point of attraction for relocators working in the field of information technology. In the very center is the Uzbek IT Park, created in 2019 under the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications. It specializes in education, the creation and support of startups, the formation of relevant legislation and the creation of a reliable infrastructure in the field of information technology.

Nurturing IT talents

The mission of the Uzbek IT Park is to train IT specialists in the coming years. To achieve this goal, the park has created educational centers and launched programs throughout the country. Local startups now have the potential to attract investments worth millions of dollars. This is confirmed by the development of a whole IT town with business centers, offices and residential premises with an area of 6.5 hectares.

Unobstructed entrance to the IT park

Becoming a resident of an IT park is a simple process. A legal entity can be registered within one day without any requirements for a certain authorized capital (it can be as little as $ 1). Processing of an application for resident status usually takes 10-12 days.

Residents of the IT park are exempt from certain input indicators. The size of the company, the nationality or professional affiliation of its employees, as well as the demonstration of regular growth are not mandatory requirements. The only criterion is the compliance of the company profile with one of the 18 areas of activity in the IT sector, which cover various digital areas:

  1. Design, development, implementation (including granting permission to use the software, assignment (transfer) of the exclusive right to the software) of software, including computer games, for any platforms.
  2. Provision of services for the implementation or implementation of individual stages of implementation, support, maintenance of software, including training (advanced training) with this software.
  3. Revision, modification of the software.
  4. Creating databases in the process of developing information systems and software, preparing records for these databases in a given format, providing access to them, their support, maintenance.
  5. Data processing activities using software.
  6. Providing advertising space in your own software or otherwise making a profit from additional software functions.
  7. Development and implementation of automated control systems.
  8. Analysis of information needs of legal entities (system analysis, business analysis), consulting on the use of information technologies for the purpose of innovation (reengineering) of business processes with the development of technical requirements for information systems and software.
  9. Audit of information systems and software in the process of their development, implementation and operation for compliance with technical requirements and (or) information needs of users.
  10. Provision of automated services, through software developed by a resident of the Technopark, for the search, selection, processing and sorting of data at the request of third parties, and providing them with information.
  11. Provision of services to non-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the development, management (implementation) of administrative and business processes (outsourcing of business processes) using software (hardware and software).
  12. Implementation of materials, technologies, devices and systems of micro-, opto- and nanoelectronics, microelectromechanics and embedded software compatible with them developed by the resident of the Technopark.
  13. Development (research, design (construction), testing, technical testing) of equipment for data transmission systems, technologies, devices and systems of radar, radio navigation, radio communication, radio control, radio frequency identification and implementation of the results of such developments with the provision of services for their development in production or without the provision of these services.
  14. Development, or separate stages of development (research, design, construction, prototyping, testing), production (of a non-industrial nature) of high-tech systems and devices, software and hardware and software compatible with them, as well as the sale of manufactured products and (or) development results with or without the provision of services for their development in production.
  15. Technical and (or) cryptographic protection of information, including the use of an electronic digital signature.
  16. Activities related to the development, implementation of the concept of a computing and communication network of physical objects equipped with built-in technologies for interaction with each other and with the external environment (Internet of Things);
  17. Educational activities in the field of information and communication technologies, including through the Internet, according to programs approved by the Directorate of the Technopark.
  18. Export of information services via the Internet.

Expanded coverage of activities

The list of permitted activities can be expanded. In fact, any company offering online services, such as accounting, online education or translations, can become a resident, provided that this activity is related to digital technologies. It is important to separate the non-digital aspects of the business into a separate structure.

Reporting and deductions

The IT Park conducts quarterly reporting, resembling the tax-related data companies submit to tax authorities, and mandates an annual audit.

The park administration charges deductions in the amount of 1%, which can be reduced depending on the volume of exports of the company. Firms exporting services worth $ 10 million pay 0.75% annually, and those with an export volume of $ 20 million or more receive a reduction in deductions to 0.5%.

Tax benefits for residents

Residents enjoy a number of tax benefits, including exemption from import customs duties and corporate taxes. The income tax on employees is set at 7.5%, while the tax on dividends is only 5%. It is important to note that VAT on imported services currently stands at 15%, but discussions are underway about its possible reduction.

Flexible workspace features

The IT Park offers flexible office solutions, including traditional office space rentals and minimal rental options for acquiring a legal address. There are no requirements for the location of employees, which gives companies the freedom to work remotely.

IT visa

Since April 2022, the IT Park has implemented an accelerated integration system for newcomers – IT visa. This visa is available for three categories of individuals:

  • investors in the IT sector,
  • founders of resident companies of the IT park
  • IT professionals with an income of at least $30,000 in the last 12 months.

The IT visa provides the holder with unlimited access to Uzbekistan for three years. Visa holders enjoy equal access to social services, including education and healthcare, and can simplify the process of obtaining a residence permit. This progressive approach promotes Uzbekistan as a center of IT investment, talent and innovation.

Take advantage of the growing opportunities of Uzbekistan’s IT sector and unleash your potential in this thriving digital landscape.

Uzbekistan is among the TOP 2022-2023 countries for relocation and creation of startups, thanks to various benefits and an IT visa. Similar benefits with more favorable conditions are available in the Belarusian Hi-Tech Park. You can find out more here.

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