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Our services

Accounting and bookkeeping services

We are providing accounting services for international funds, trading and global IT companies and it is just a small part of our clients.

Payroll and outstaffing services

If you do not plan to open a company in Belarus, we can handle payroll services for your employees with the best rates. You stay focused on your business.

Recruitment services

We are specialized in recruitment of the top level managers, IT developers, administrative, bank and financial staff.

Managing services

To hire an individual director is always risky and complicated, forward the administrative management of your company to us and be 100% sure.

Market research

The Belarusian market is small, but all the time it may surprise. Order a research from Spex and get complete information about the situation in the local market.

Business consulting

To establish a legal entity, win a case in the court, debt collection, legal support, counseling and other legal issues – these are the areas where we are high level experts.

Who works with us

About us

Spex Advisers has been established as a branch of the one of the biggest law companies in Belarus – Allford Group. We provide our clients with a full range of the business services: from establishing the entity to representation in the courts. Our accountants have got huge experience in the fields of export and import, IT services, real estate, restaurant and construction businesses. All the time when you choose our company you get a professional support from our lawyers, so Spex Advisers is not just a simple accounting company, we are the professionals who take responsibility for all business processes and let you think only about business.