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Management of IT companies and R&D in Belarus.

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Accounting and payroll

Experienced English-speaking accountants and payroll specialists.

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Direct EOR/PEO services provider

Quick onboarding of your staff in Belarus. Save time and costs.

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High-Tech Park in Belarus

Management, Accounting and Recruiting services for HTP residents. HTP entry.

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Additional services

Office search, procurements, domiciliation, outsourcing HR department and many more.

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Our Services

Joining HTP

Seamlessly navigate the HTP application process. Benefit from expert guidance on documentation, compliance, and strategic planning to secure your company’s residency.

Business project to join HTP

Develop a winning HTP business project. Our team assists in crafting compelling proposals that align with HTP requirements and maximize your chances of approval.

HTP accounting

Ensure financial compliance within the HTP framework. Our accounting services provide accurate bookkeeping, tax reporting, and financial analysis tailored to HTP specifics.

Rent office for HTP company

Find the perfect office space for your HTP company. We offer comprehensive office search, negotiation, and lease management services.

Management company services

Optimize your HTP company’s operations with our management services. From HR and legal support to administrative tasks, we handle the day-to-day challenges.

HTP recruiting

Build a high-performing IT team in Belarus. Our recruitment specialists source top talent aligned with your HTP company’s needs and objectives.

Liquidation of HTP company

Efficiently wind down your HTP company. We guide you through the liquidation process, ensuring compliance with legal and tax requirements.


Process payroll accurately and timely for your HTP employees. Our payroll services handle calculations, tax withholdings, and employee payments.


Expand your business in Belarus without the hassle of local entity setup. Our EOR solution provides employment services, payroll, and HR management.

HTP Belarus

Spex HTP Solutions – Your Path to Belarusian IT Success

Belarus’ High Technologies Park (HTP) has emerged as a thriving hub for IT innovation and entrepreneurship. This unique economic zone offers a compelling package of benefits designed to attract and nurture tech talent. From lucrative tax incentives to a streamlined business environment, the HTP presents an exceptional opportunity for IT companies to flourish.

Spex.by is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of HTP residency. Our expert team provides comprehensive support, guiding you through the application process, ensuring compliance, and maximizing the advantages of this dynamic ecosystem. With our assistance, you can focus on what truly matters: growing your business and achieving your goals.

Grow Your Business in Belarus

Belarus offers a fertile ground for IT startups and established businesses alike. With its robust IT talent pool, competitive tax regime, and supportive government policies, the country has become a sought-after destination for tech companies worldwide. By leveraging the benefits of the High Technologies Park (HTP), you can streamline operations, reduce costs, and access a skilled workforce to drive your business forward. Spex.by provides expert guidance to help you navigate the Belarusian business landscape, from company formation and HTP residency to talent acquisition and financial optimization.

EOR services in the Republic of Belarus

Revolutionize Your IT Workforce with Leading EOR Services in Belarus

HTP Minsk

Benefits of Growing Business with HTP

HTP residency offers a multitude of advantages for IT businesses. Companies within the park benefit from a significantly reduced tax burden, fostering a favorable business environment for growth and investment. Beyond tax incentives, HTP residents enjoy streamlined administrative processes, access to a highly skilled IT workforce, and a supportive ecosystem of like-minded businesses. This combination of factors makes Belarus an attractive destination for IT companies seeking to expand their operations or establish a new presence in Europe.

No Problems with Working with EOR Services in Belarus

Expanding into Belarus? Avoid the complexities of Belarusian labor law and HR management by partnering with an EOR. EORs handle employee onboarding, payroll processing, benefits administration, and tax compliance, allowing your business to focus on core operations. This eliminates the need for establishing a local entity, hiring HR staff, and navigating complex labor regulations. By outsourcing these functions, companies can accelerate market entry, mitigate risks, and optimize operational efficiency.

How to
Enter HTP

Determine activities according to the HTP list
Identify core business activities that align with HTP requirements for residency and tax benefits.
Take decision to join HTP
Evaluate the advantages of HTP residency and make a strategic decision to establish your business within the park.
Prepare documents for registration
Gather documentation, business plan, company charter, and personal information of founders.
Create a business plan
Develop a comprehensive business plan outlining company goals, target market, financial projections, and HTP-related activities.
Submit documents for registration
Submit the prepared documents to the HTP administration for review and approval.
Join and start acting as a HTP resident
Become an official HTP resident and commence operations within the park’s framework.


Who can become a member of the HTP?

To become a member of the High Technologies Park (HTP) in Belarus, a company must primarily engage in IT activities. This includes software development, IT consulting, hardware production, and other related IT services. Additionally, the company must meet specific criteria regarding revenue generation, export potential, and intellectual property creation. It’s essential to note that while the HTP is primarily focused on IT, there are some ancillary activities permitted within the park.

Who accepts HTP residents?

The High Technologies Park (HTP) administration is the entity responsible for accepting HTP residents. They evaluate applications, assess business plans, and make the final decision on granting residency status.

How is work organized in HTP?

Work in the High Technologies Park (HTP) is organized primarily around IT-related activities. Companies within the park engage in software development, IT consulting, hardware production, and other tech-focused endeavors. The HTP provides a conducive environment for these companies to operate with benefits such as tax incentives, simplified administrative procedures, and access to a skilled IT workforce.

Essentially, the HTP fosters a dynamic ecosystem where IT companies can innovate, grow, and contribute to the Belarusian economy.

Services of HTP management organization

The High Technologies Park (HTP) management organization typically offers a range of services to support resident companies and foster a conducive business environment. These services can include:

  • Administrative Support: This encompasses company registration, licensing, permit acquisition, and other bureaucratic procedures.
  • Tax and Legal Consulting: Providing guidance on tax regulations, incentives, and legal matters specific to HTP residents.
  • Infrastructure Development: Building and maintaining the necessary infrastructure, such as office spaces, IT networks, and utilities.
  • Talent Acquisition and Development: Assisting companies in finding and retaining skilled IT professionals through training programs and recruitment support.
  • Business Development: Facilitating networking opportunities, market entry strategies, and investor connections for HTP residents.
  • Financial Support: Offering access to funding options, such as loans, grants, and investment opportunities.
  • Research and Development Support: Encouraging innovation through collaborations, research grants, and technology transfer initiatives.


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