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Staff search and recruitment with the help of a recruitment agency is an opportunity to attract an appropriate specialist and to do it quickly.  Recruiting is not just a process of sourcing relevant candidates for open positions. For us, it’s about building teams that completely match the vision and mission of the company. It’s not just filling a vacancy, but a careful selection and close communication with the candidate. We take into account the wishes and needs of both sides. This is primarily result-oriented cooperation based on trust, openness, and honesty.

About our tasks, mission, and approach to the client and employee

An important task of our recruitment agency is to present the client’s company so that it makes the candidate want to work there, even if he or she was not planning to change jobs. The ability to present your client convincingly is one of the main competencies of our consultants and recruiters. For this purpose, we try to study all possible client’s processes and products, communicate with managers in detail and ‘feel’ the atmosphere. 

Even if you can’t reach us with a particular task, but you need help urgently – don’t worry! We are competent enough to formulate the task for you, suggest search methods and advise you on the cost of the appropriate professionals on the labour market.

And do always remember that a good professional service aimed at attracting great specialists is a return on the investment you make in your own business. Hiring a professional recruitment agency in Belarus you minimize the risks by solving the recruitment tasks accurately and on time. Don’t skimp on hiring, and you will always have opportunities to develop your business.

Why choose us

  • The vision has always been ‘to make it better’. We are not typical recruiter in your opinion and, for good reason, we don’t want to be one. Over the past few years, we have firmly established ourselves as the market leader in technical IT recruitment in Belarus and abroad. We are extremely proud of the credibility we have gained from our foreign clients (companies from the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan). We are recruiters with real personalities who care.
  • A professional team with more than 10 (ten) years of experience in the field of recruitment; we have an individual approach to each client and candidate. All our employees are trained according to our specially developed program. We have well-established processes and employees who know their business really well.
  • We belong to the TOP 3 on We are trusted and loved by our Customers. 
  • Professional experience in IT staff selection: every year we recruit staff for more than 70 (seventy) IT companies in Belarus. We have enough employees and skills to manage number of clients at the same time. That is what allows us to meet all the requirements and deadlines. Multitasking is one of the key skills.
  • A just and fair pricing policy: we always agree on the price of our services in advance and sign a very detailed contract without any hidden terms.
  • Guarantees: if you do not like the employee, we will replace him with another one. We always provide guarantees to our customers! Free replacement for up to 60 days.
  • Professional accounting and payroll: our team of experienced accountants will take care of your employees.
  • It’s really simple. We build technical teams. Whether you are a start-up seeking to grow, a scalable enterprise, or a multinational company in need of top talent, we have experience of working with everyone.Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.

 Spheres of our recruitment 

 Below are the spheres and areas of IT in which we help to recruit. Don’t despair if you can’t find the right candidate from the list. You can contact us and we will think of ways we can solve your issue and we will be sure to offer you our options.


Recruiting Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer is a specialist who deals with the software and administrative part of a web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies — database, architecture, and program logic. The main tools of the back-end developer are the server programming languages: such as Go, C, C++, Perl, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node JS. The frameworks Symfony, Codeigniter, Yii, Zend Framework, Kohana, etc. are used as additional tools. MySQL/SQLite is used for data storage.

Recruiting Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer is a programmer who develops the user interface, i.e. the external public part of the website in the browser. The main task of the front-end developer is to make the user interaction with the site or web application as convenient as possible. The main tools of the front-end developer in the web: JavaScript, HTML, CSS. There are many additional tools that automate the routine part of the work: Sass/SCSS, jQuery, LESS, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Prototype, Ember.js, Backbone, React.js, Grunt Gulp. And the emergence of Chrome Dev Tools and Firebug has improved productivity.  

Recruiting Full-stack developer

Full-stack developer is a developer who must understand the entire stack of technologies and components used in the project, both in terms of the front-end and back-end. At the same time, such a developer should not be a senior in all the technologies that are used in the development of the application.

Generally, a full-stack developer should cover the entire development stack, including understanding servers, operating systems and various databases, as well as PaaS. Most full-stack developers are from the back-end, who are faced with front-end tasks when required and learn how to solve them. The most common technology stacks are .NET, PHP, or Node.js + JavaScript. 

If you need back-end, front-end and full-stack developers, our company is ready to help you and fill all the positions you are interested in.

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Today, mobile developers are in demand in various areas: corporate apps have mobile versions, the media have mobile apps, businesses are actively transforming their loyalty programmes into apps (who doesn’t have apps for various retailers – from Lenta and Auchan to Rive Gauche and L’Etoile), etc. The mobile app is a guarantee that you will stay in your client’s hands, and almost all companies understand this. Therefore, mobile developers are needed absolutely everywhere. 

Recruiting Android developers in Belarus

Android Developer is a specialist who creates mobile applications for the Android operating system (it is rightly the most widely used mobile platform in the world). These specialists work in the Java programming language, which is the most popular and reliable programming language. 

Knowledge of Android SDK, Kotlin, Scala (to a lesser extent), Rest/SOAP, various APIs, SQLite, etc. will also be a requirement. Understanding of work cycle and using control versions and code systems like Git, TFS, SVN

Recruiting IOS developers in Belarus

IOS developer is a specialist who creates mobile IOS apps. These specialists are the most profitable on the mobile market. And with the emergence of the Swift language, development for Apple devices has become as simple and convenient as possible. Knowing Swift is a big advantage for Apple programmers. Additional requirements include Objective-C, C#, knowledge of the Apple Development Guideline, and Full understanding of work cycle and using control versions and code systems like Git, TFS, SVN.

Recruiting Xamarin developers in Belarus

Xamarin Developer is a specialist who works with the xamarin framework using the C# language to develop cross-platform applications (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone). 

If you need to hire mobile developers in Belarus, our company is ready to help you and fill all the positions you are interested in.

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Recruiting Product manager

A product manager is the person responsible in the project for the birth of new products, their readiness for the market, price characteristics, target audience, KPI and other characteristics, creation and promotion of new ideas, their implementation in the form of a finished product or service.  

The main responsibilities are:

  • development of a range of products and services
  • KPI plan and control over its clear implementation
  • analytics of competitors ‘ activities and forecasting of their activity, market segment analysis
  • pricing policy and product lifecycle forecast
  • creation of a sales promotion program, development of presentation and POS materials as part of marketing promotion
  • working with partners and negotiating with clients

We will help you to find an experienced person who will be competent enough to take your product to the next level. You can 100% rely on him, knowing the market and the trends.

Recruiting Product Owner

The Product Owner is one of the key staff in the product development process. This is exactly the kind of person who will be able to form the overall roadmap, the backlog of development. He will manage the product development process and the product development team (analysts, developers, testers), carry out calendar, resource, and financial planning of product development. He will also serve as the main point of communication between the business and the product development team. Identify, analyze and prioritize the requirements of the market, legislation, current and prospective customers and transform them into a roadmap for product development. 

Responsibilities include: tracking market trends, competitors, technologies, trends; describing product tasks for developers, participating in acceptance testing of new software and hardware of systems. Good technical background and knowledge of the main information security technologies (FW, VPN, IDS/IPS, DLP, SIMS, AAA, AV, IAM, PKI, etc.).

It is very important to choose an appropriate specialist for this position, who will have enough skills and experience to take full responsibility for the existing processes and build new ones. We know our business and we are happy to share our experience in choosing the right candidate.

Recruiting Scrum Master

Scrum Master is a role that integrates all the elements and ensures effective implementation of the Scrum methodology. One of the key tasks of the Scrum Master is to help remove obstacles from the team’s path so that it can work as efficiently as possible. There are obstacles that the team can overcome themselves, and there are those that are not under their sphere of influence. These can be trivial things like an additional server for CI / CD, a large board with markers for design discussions, convenient tables for pair programming, etc.

And there may be more serious things, such as the transfer of people from project to project by the company’s management, the reluctance to give access to the client’s representatives for direct communication, the use of time tracking systems, etc. And this is where the team relies on the Scrum Master, while checking whether all these retrospectives are a farce and an attempt to follow the process blindly. 

This is an essential member for a large company, as management is not always able to control the atmosphere and the general condition of the team members individually. And this is very important since a person may simply get burnout and lose his or her interest in the work..

Recruiting UI / UX Designer

UI / UX Designer is a person who is engaged in designing any user interfaces in which both appearance and usability are important. Interfaces are most often understood as mobile applications and websites. Among the main requirements will include the need for basic web design skills and knowledge of basic software. For example, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Axure. Such an employee must, of course, have a portfolio of his/her work on Behance or any other platform.


Recruiting Project Manager

Project Manager is a specialist whose main task is to manage the project as a whole: design and prioritisation, task planning, monitoring, communication, and operational problem solving.

The main duty and responsibility of the PM is to bring the customer’s idea to implementation within the established time frame, using existing resources. As part of this task, the PM needs to build a development plan, organize the team, set up the project process, provide feedback between the teams and the customer, remove obstacles to teams, control the quality and delivery of the product on time.

Recruiting Business Analyst

Business Analyst is a specialist who examines a customer’s problem, looks for a solution, and forms its concept in the form of requirements that developers will later focus on in creating a product. The main task of a business analyst is to identify the customer’s business problems and find the most effective solution. To do this, they must have knowledge of the subject area. The business analyst works with requirements at all stages of the software development cycle and constantly acts as an intermediary between the customer and the programming team.

The main advantage of the profession of business analyst is the ability to gain insight: to understand how things work, of what parts it consists of, how they are connected and interact with each other, and then to describe complex things with simple but useful models. Business analysts help  different sides to understand each other, and as a result, they get an implementation that satisfies everyone.

If your company is looking for business analysts, project managers in Belarus, our company is ready to help you and fill all the positions you are interested in.

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Recruiting QA-engineer

QA-engineer is a quality assurance specialist whose activities are aimed at improving the software development process, preventing defects and identifying errors in the product. The main task of QA is quality assurance.  The QA-engineer focuses on software development processes, improves them, and prevents defects and problems (Makes sure you are doing the right things, the right way).

The quality assurance process consists of the following steps:

  • check the product’s requirements;
  • risk assessment;
  • planning ideas to improve product quality;
  • test planning;
  • analysis of test results.

Recruiting QA Automation

QA Automation is a product quality assurance specialist that uses software tools to create tests and check the results of execution. The main task of the QA automation is to create automatic scripts that will test the program based on test cases written by QA manual workers. This helps to reduce the testing time and simplify its process.

QA Automation engineer has the skills of a programmer and the logic of a tester at the same time:

  • Like QA-engineers or testers, a QA automation monitors the quality of a product at various stages of its development, testing, and operation.
  • Like programmers, a QA automation is involved in development, but only he or she creates the product in order to check what the programmers have written.

Key skills include: knowledge of one of the programming languages (for writing automated tests, such as Java, C#, Ruby, or Python), knowledge of the database query language (SQL), and the ability to use a version control system (Git, SVN, and Mercurial) as well as a framework for writing automated UI tests (Selenium WebDriver).

If your company is looking for business analysts, project managers in Belarus, our company is ready to help you and fill all the positions you are interested in.

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Recruiting Unity Developer

Unity Developer is a universal broad-minded person, who is not afraid of new challenges and tasks. He is responsible for the whole game. He needs to be a tester, a programmer and a designer at the same time, and fully understand how the game should work at all stages. The developer creates the game concept, transfers it to the code and writes a simulation of the real or fictional world. The requirements will mainly be the C# language, knowledge of the Unity game engine itself, as well as Java and Objective-C if the developer is going to delve into multiplatform.

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