HR consulting in Belarus

HR consulting, among other things, is the provision of recruitment services, as well as all kinds of personnel audits, advice on compensation and benefits in the Belarusian market, staff training and its optimization. This is not an easy task, given the location of companies in several regions of the country, as well as in several states. The provision of a range of recruitment services in several states is a complex process due to differences in legislation, technology, and business principles in different countries. That is why recruitment tasks are far from being as simple for the HR departments of companies as it seems at first glance.

Our company provides a wide range of recruitment services and can easily cope with any task in this area. We will be able to coordinate the recruitment process for both a company located in one country and an international company. We provide tools for personnel management in your business, depending on the scope of your activity and help your business achieve its financial and managerial goals.

Pyramid of HR resources

Our company will help build a pyramid of working personnel, regardless of whether you are a beginner in business or have an already promoted business with the prospect of entering the international market.

The social goals of your startup or large organization, the creation of products by your organization, are unique and complex activities. Equally unique and important is management in the field of recruiting HR resources and building an HR pyramid in your business.

Our company clearly understands the problems and challenges facing you. We will develop a broad action plan to achieve your company’s business objectives, which must first be identified and scaled. By implementing a plan to complete the tasks, we will be able to optimize the processes of building a business, selecting a workforce, organizing management processes and maneuvers.

We study your business strategy, your approaches to solving problems and offer an effective and flexible scheme for achieving your business goals. Our company is engaged in all types of human capital management services, from the selection and training of personnel to the optimization of management decisions. We offer options and plans for solving both general and specific tasks in the field of personnel management.

In particular, our services include the following activities.

1. Personnel audits

HR audits are independent expert reviews of the composition of the organization’s employees, the effectiveness and quality of the personnel management functions in the company. Business goals of companies sometimes change, as well as personnel composition, employees are hired and fired. These changes cannot be tracked without an effective HR audit.

Our team will support your HR decisions through HR audits and research. During audits, our team checks employee records, agreements and contracts, bonuses, bonuses, compensation, reasons and circumstances for dismissal, and other data.

In the course of personnel audits, we examine the degree of employee satisfaction with work, staff turnover, the effectiveness of staff training, and its adaptation to changes in the field of activity of companies. We use innovative and flexible models for conducting such reviews to quickly adapt employees to an ever-changing work environment.

Every year, many clients around the world order personnel audit services from us, because it can be difficult to do this solely by the forces of companies both from a financial and organizational point of view.

2. Regulation of labor relations

Our company will analyze your labor documentation, eliminate gaps in local regulations, and verify compliance of personnel documentation with labor legislation.

As the business of a company or a non-profit organization develops, more and more questions arise, in particular in relation to personnel management. Often, the employer is faced with questions about whether the salary and bonus system meets the expectations of employees. Compliance of local documents in the field of labor with the legislation in force in the country is also an important task.

Our company will answer these and other questions. We will analyze the personnel policy, help to obtain visas and work permits for foreign employees, conduct an analysis for compliance with international requirements in the field of organizing personnel policy, and identify the optimal salary and social package.

3. Establishment of workers’ compensation

Undoubtedly, the efficiency of work increases with an increase in the interest of employees in solving the problems of the company. We will develop effective ways of compensation for quality work and high performance.

Since talented employees are of particular value in the development of any commercial and non-profit organization, our company proceeds from the provision of a general package of remuneration and compensation for employees, which includes 5 main components:

  1. Competitive salary.
  2. The right social package, including benefits and privileges.
  3. Balance between work and personal life of employees. An attractive corporate culture contributes to the interest of the staff in the work, increasing the motivation and quality of work of employees.
  4. Positive assessment of work and recognition.
  5. Ensuring career growth. The possibility of career growth, job prospects, the emergence and achievement of new goals very effectively motivate company employees.

Through the implementation of an overall plan of privileges and rewards, we ensure high-quality and efficient human resources management in your company for the long term.

4. Search for talented employees

The search and selection of qualified personnel is one of the primary tasks in building any business. Our company will provide active assistance in resolving this issue, organizing schemes for the search and selection of those employees who can make a worthy contribution to achieving the goals of your organization.

Our company is constantly working on optimizing the personnel reserve, searching for the best employees who can qualitatively solve any business problems. Old, obsolete methods of personnel search no longer work. We use the latest technologies and methods to search for and select talented employees who will not have to be fired and look for new ones.

5. Worker training and management to create a talented workforce

Training and advanced training of employees is undoubtedly one of the most significant stages in building an effective workforce pyramid. Our company will come to the rescue in solving this problem. We will offer new, non-standard forms and methods of training, which will surely arouse the interest of employees and increase their motivation in work.

6. Optimization of ongoing research

Analysis of management and personnel policy is a fundamental activity aimed at optimizing the business model of a company or non-profit organization. We offer effective solutions in this area as well.

Building an HR pyramid for your business is our main task, which we solve by creating an effective personnel management model for your company in order to obtain the greatest benefit and minimize costs while retaining the existing workforce.

How to find us

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