Recruiting services (staffing) in Belarus

The selection of new employees in the organization is a whole system of measures to attract experienced and qualified candidates suitable for vacant positions. According to the ideology of personnel specialists, such people should have the necessary competencies, share the goals of the company’s management and be the driving force of the organization. From the outside, everything seems simple. In fact, in order to choose the right candidate, recruiting agency professionals need to do a tremendous job, using all their professionalism and business intuition.

Professional recruitment in Belarus

Each enterprise is characterized by the level of professionalism of the employees who work there. As a result, a high-quality and professional selection of personnel will almost inevitably lead to an increase in the company's profits, reduce costs, and also increase the level of professionalism of other employees who will focus on a productive employee, so as not to seem to be lagging behind.

Important! Careless, unprofessional selection of employees can lead to the most unpleasant consequences: overdue deadlines, simple work, up to violation of the organization’s development plans.

How can I search for employees in Belarus?

A search within the company reveals the hidden potential of employees who already work in the organization. You may not have imagined that a fairly mediocre support staff could be a first-class senior manager. Or, during the audit, it may turn out that the editor of the publishing house may become a full-fledged chief editor.

  1. Recruiting with the help of employees helps arrange the staff of an already familiar and trusted person, "no surprises." The logic is simple: your employee will not advise a bad option. Thus, the five handshake rule can help you choose a new employee.
  2. Ads on the Internet - this is the most modern, cheapest and easiest way to find a new employee. It can also be the most budgetary way of advertising. Yes, many sites offer companies paid placement, promotion of their vacancy or brand, but there is also the possibility of free placement.
  3. Ads in the print media (media). Their readership is still solid, and a slip-through ad may accidentally notice the right specialist who is in search of work.
  4. Private recruitment agencies can also greatly assist an organization in finding a new employee. First of all, they will choose the most promising candidates and conduct an interview with each, during which the level of professionalism will be revealed.
  5. Universities (Higher education institutions) are a storehouse of promising personnel. Of course, the specialists there are still without work experience, but many of them have high ambitions that will help to achieve a lot.
  6. State labor exchanges have comprehensive information about specialists who are looking for new jobs.

Technologies and methods of staff recruitment

Often, the concepts of recruiting and personnel selection are considered synonymous, although in fact recruiting is one of the methods for selecting new employees in popular professions. Most often, this is the search for ordinary performers, secretaries, and trade managers. According to this method, first of all, a job description is prepared, which is placed where the target audience can see it. So vacancies appear on the company's website and on specialized job search sites. The emphasis here is on people who are actively seeking a new job.

What are the stages of selection for future staff?

Prior to choosing a particular candidate, HR employees need to work well with him. In particular, the main steps are:

When is mass recruitment profitable?

Some large companies that can easily recruit specialists without experience and quickly train them usually choose the method of mass recruitment. This is advisable in large companies, such as McDonald's, in the networks of which several thousand new employees are hired on the same job every day. This is the most striking example of mass recruitment of line personnel.

When are spot recruiting services needed?

A qualified specialist of a recruiting agency can provide several applicants found using different methods for the same vacancy. The point selection is based on careful analytics, which very rigidly cuts off applicants. This is a merciless method that increases the effectiveness of each interview. Precise recruiting involves a more thorough analysis of the labor market and is characterized by a more accurate definition of the qualities of the target candidate, that is, only the best of the best are selected. They refuse to interview, for example, promising personnel who have not yet reached professional excellence.

Final Candidate Selection

Despite the fact that the majority of evaluations and opinions about a particular applicant are made by the executor - an employee of the personnel department or recruiting agency - the final decision remains with the customer. It is he who decides whether he wants to work with a certain person and whether he will fit into his team. Calculating such a turn of events, the recruiting agent prepares several options for candidates in case the customer does not like something in the applicant.

Ask for help from a recruiting agency or find an employee yourself?

Often, finding the right employee with your own resources means spending a huge amount of time and effort - after all, everyone’s history needs to be considered, analyzed, and a talk made. A personnel employee must understand what a particular job seeker is, what a set of qualities - professional and personal - he possesses. Independent searches of an employee by one company can take more than one month, therefore, this request is often addressed to a recruiting agency.

Moreover, the database of the recruiting agency contains several hundred applicants for vacancies that have already been worked out and verified. These are people who have already been interviewed and whose professional qualities are thoroughly known.

What is the cost of recruiting services?

The company "Specs Advisers" provides recruiting services in Belarus. Each client is individual, but most often we use global practice: instead of finding a valuable employee, we charge 10% of the employee’s annual NET salary. The cost of recruiting services can vary depending on various factors and is always agreed upon with the customer in advance.

In return, you get several options of highly qualified employees for each vacant place, and the desired employee is in the shortest possible time. Most of the employed workers selected by the professionals of the recruiting agency successfully pass the probationary period and often work fruitfully in companies for many years.

A nice plus is that our company gives a guarantee - if nevertheless the employee has not passed the trial period, he will be replaced for free.