Accounting services in Belarus

Our accounting firm Spex Advisers LLC has been providing accounting services for its clients in Belarus for over 10 years. During this time, we have helped more than 300 foreign companies with offices in the Republic of Belarus with accounting, filing reports to government agencies and payroll services for employees. Together with our clients, we also very often passed the annual audit, including with the involvement of companies from the BIG 4: we absolutely always passed the audit successfully.

Our team: accountants, assistants and support

Our accountants, who work directly with our clients, have a special education in finance and accounting, auditing and absolutely all have a specialized work experience of at least 15 (fifteen) years. They are constantly undergoing training: they undergo advanced training courses, courses to familiarize themselves with changes in legislation, which are conducted by the leading law firms of the Republic of Belarus, as well as courses on working with the 1C accounting software. 

We have a really strong and professional team!

English speaking accountants in Belarus

Since the vast majority of our clients are foreign citizens or companies, we have an English speaking staff. Thus, we guarantee that you will not have any problems with communication with us if you do not speak Russian.

Why you should trust Spex Advisers?

  • Professional team with more than 10 (ten) years of experience in the field of accounting services in Belarus;
  • We are in TOP 3 on;
  • Really huge experience: we provide services for big and small companies;
  • Professional experience in accounting for IT as well as HTP residents;
  • Fair pricing policy: we agree about the price of our services always in advance and sign a very detailed contract for our services with no any hidden conditions;
  • Professional recruiting services: our team will also take care of recruitment process!

Accounting software

Our company uses only licensed software for accounting: for accounting, we use 1C: 8 from Human Systems. This software allows us to efficiently and professionally conduct accounting, since it has various add-ons (for example, an add-on for HTP residents). We also constantly make automatic backups of databases, which allows us to ensure and guarantee the complete safety of all data. We really care about the quality of our services!

Our clients in the field of accounting and payroll services in Belarus

We are proud of our clients and partners and always try to pay maximum attention to each of them. Here is some information about our clients and their projects:

  • companies working in the field of software development. Namely:  residents of the Belarusian High Technologies Park, partners of Microsoft, Flexpera, Reddit, Amazon, HTC, Intel and many others; 
  • representative offices of venture funds; 
  • blockchain and fintech companies; 
  • startups in the field of e-commerce and the provision of e-services; 
  • trading companies (including those engaged in re-export with the receipt of quotas from the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus); 
  • digital and advertising campaigns; 
  • individual entrepreneurs. 

We provide accounting services for both actively developing commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs, as well as those who are just starting their commercial activities.

Provision of accounting services for IT companies 

We want to note that over 60% of our clients are IT companies. The majority of them are HTP residents (but not all of them). Our accountants know all the specifics of working with IT companies, some of our accountants were previously employees of IT companies, so we can guarantee high quality services in this area. At the same time for our IT clients we provide not only accounting services but professional recruitment services as well.

Accounting services for High-Tech Park (HTP) residents

We want to note that Spex Advisers works with HTP residents since 2009. Our accountants know all the specifics of working with HTP residents: we know the tax system of HTP companies, payroll system as well as the reporting system to the HTP.

Accounting support and tax consulting in Belarus

 Accounting support is a type of accounting services for business, which is a list of services for maintaining tax and accounting records of legal entities, drawing up appropriate reporting in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Often accounting support implies outsourcing of accounting, that is, all the main tasks of bookkeeping are transferred to a third-party organization. However, it can also be a one-time accounting service aimed at helping individual entrepreneurs or the chief accountant of an organization. 

Accounting support services mean: 

  • processing and ordering of primary documentation; 
  • development of the accounting policy of the company and its creation in special software; • formation of tax and accounting registers; 
  • introduction of measures to optimize the taxation system;
  • calculation of taxes and fees, preparation of payment orders for payment;
  • preparation and submission of tax and accounting reports to the appropriate authorities; 
  • calculation of wages and taxes from it; 
  • support of tax audits; 
  • tax and accounting consulting.

Additionally, services such as: 

  • maintaining personnel and militarized records; 
  • foreign economic activity 
  • re-export 
  • servicing leasing agreements 
  • keeping records in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 
  • development of non-standard reporting forms and provision of information to the client in accordance with them, and many others. 

What does the contract for the provision of accounting services guarantee? 

After drawing up the contract, the accounting organization takes over the accounting of the financial and economic activities of the business owner. In particular, she assumes responsibility for the following points: 

  • organize high-quality accounting and reporting in the organization (firm) and in divisions (if any); 
  • timely reflect on the accounts transactions affecting the movement of fixed assets, inventories and funds that are provided by the customer of services. 
  • organize the correct calculation of taxes and fees, insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary social funds.

 What is the cost of accounting services in Belarus? 

The cost of accounting services is always negotiable and depends on the tasks that the customer sets for the contractor, as well as the timing of their implementation. We always delve into the client’s business and build with him a convenient and flexible system of payment for our services and interaction with the client.

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