Payroll services in Belarus

It is no secret that the employees in the organization is often its main driving force, which is the key to its successful development. However, sometimes it happens that a qualified specialist is required to perform a specific work of a limited volume. Hiring a person in the state is expensive, because his services will be needed for a limited time. It is also possible that you do not want to open a separate legal entity for several of your employees who are located in Belarus.

The priority and goal of any organization is to reduce financial costs. Typically, most of the financial expenses are related to salary payments to employees who work in the enterprise. These are deductions to the wage fund, compulsory insurance contributions, etc.

To reduce these costs, it is necessary to correctly and competently distribute the costs of the enterprise to the labor of employees. Today, hiring freelancers is gaining popularity.

EOR services in Belarus. Employer of Record

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an independent company (like a third-party company) that hires and pays an employee on behalf of another company and takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks. 

Advantages of using EOR services in Belarus

  • efficient of time management (saving time by transferring payroll and other functions);
  • processing and funding payroll;
  • depositing and filing taxes;
  • compliance with the local tax and labor legislation.

PEO services in Belarus. Professional Employer Organization

Professional Employer Organization allows employers to manage their employees without worrying about the fine details. PEO usually handles such functions like:

  • payroll,
  • compliance;
  • reporting.

Advantages of using PEO services in Belarus

  • payroll – PEO manages payroll for you;
  • personnel management;
  • benefits management and tracking.

What is staff leasing, and how does it differ from classic payroll services in Belarus and outsourcing?

Leasing of personnel implies hiring a qualified employee for a certain period, so that he performs a specified amount of work. All arrangements are made between the lessor and the host company.

Depending on the control technology, there are:

  • leasing
  • outstaffing;
  • staff outsourcing.

The common thing is that three parties are involved:

  • an organization that needs a new employee;
  • intermediary organization that searches for the right person with the required skills;
  • the employee himself, officially working for an intermediary.

In order not to be mistaken in setting goals, correctly allocating financial expenses for staff and eliminating disputes with representatives of tax authorities, you need to clearly understand what you need from the employee you want to hire.

Important! The concept of staff rental is absent in Belarusian legislation – that is, an official can be hired, for example, on a contract basis or by entering into an employment contract. However, the concept of movement of labor between organizations that are not subordinate and, accordingly, the regulation of such labor relations, are absent.

The law contains concepts of only leasing, for example, material resources, transport, equipment. You cannot officially lease a living person. But you can use the services of organizations that will provide you the services of the right employee.

In fact, staff leasing is as follows:

  • search by the personnel organization of the necessary workers;
  • their registration under a fixed-term employment contract with the staff of a personnel organization;
  • conclusion of agreements with the customer and the provision of hired qualified employees to carry out the assignment.

Employee leasing can be compared with payroll services – personnel from third organizations are also involved there to carry out the required amount of work.

How is staff leasing different from payroll services?

In the case of leasing, the organization’s services are provided by a recruitment agency, whose employees themselves select an employee in your organization. Thus, there is no hiring of employees who were taken out of the staff. The second side is the various enterprises that require workers on a temporary basis.

For example, specialists of Spex Advisers can pick up project developers to develop some IT project that will be done soon.

Another example is if a maid is required at the hotel or if the business specializes in picking berries, such workers will also be found. Thus, the experienced employees of our company will select almost any employee for your business that meets your requirements.

Outsourcing Concept

Outsourcing allows you to close the organization’s need for a certain amount of work. This way of solving cases allows you not to hire personnel, but simply to entrust the implementation of the required work to companies that specialize in this field.

For example, a company that is a manufacturer of certain products acts as a customer organization. Since a new product does not appear every month, it is unprofitable to maintain an advertising department for its promotion. The easiest way to order such an advertisement in an agency.

Another example is an employee such as a software developer. Again, if there is no daily need for such an employee, and he is only required two or three times a year, it is unprofitable to keep him on the staff, especially given his rate. In this case, it is worth ordering the development of the necessary programs from the intermediary organization.

Payroll services concept

Another tool for optimizing financial costs is outstaffing, which can be called the competent distribution of labor. Outstaffing means the removal from the staff of a specialist who has completed his work and his introduction into the staff of another organization.

Organizations that hire such an employee in the state do not deal with issues of his salary, payment of taxes, payment of sick leave and, for example, continuing education courses. This burden falls on the intermediary organization.

Outstaffing can also be called employee rental, only the design scheme for such people here is different. Officially, the selected employees are employed in a personnel company. However, all changes occur between the three parties only on paper – in fact, the employee continues his work in the same place. Officially, he is an employee of a personnel organization and will receive wages there too.

Benefits of renting workers

The main goal of any organization and the secret dream of its owner is to minimize financial costs. Most of them, as you know, goes to the staff. Thus, by optimizing the work of employees and correctly distributing labor, you can save a lot.

Sometimes the employer needs a worker to do one-time work. In this case, it is more profitable and easier for the employer to attract outside workers than to introduce them to the staff.

Optimization of duties of labor personnel will contribute to increasing the efficiency of a particular organization.

Organizations that use staff rental services may be able to simplify their tax activity, since with the removal of employees the number of employees will be reduced, and it will be possible to pay taxes using a simplified system.

The trend of renting workers in the modern world is only gaining momentum, as this is the most effective way to save on staff and provide the organization with the necessary workforce.

Recruitment of staff

First of all, candidates are selected on the basis of the resume, after which a large-scale and fruitful work takes place: interviewing each of them, studying his professional and personal qualities that can affect the organization’s performance.

The specialists of our company will help you find specialists such as:

  • IT developers, IT managers, testers, UI / UX designers and many others;
  • employees of Forex companies and other companies where there are mandatory requirements from the regulator;
  • TOP-managers with the necessary experience in a certain field;
  • lawyers, economists and accountants;
  • trading managers;
  • operators of the call center;
  • many others, including non-standard and specific professions;

Thus, today it’s important for a modern employer to decide whether an employee in the state is important for him, or he needs to choose from the mass of job seekers who will do the entire amount of work at once. By the way, even the performance of a one-time job does not mean that you will have to say goodbye to an employee forever – in the event of a similar job, you will now know where to look for a responsible employee.

Why should I choose Spex Advisers

  • Professional team with more than 10 (ten) years of experience in the field of payroll services;
  • Really huge experience. We are hosting different staff: IT staff, managers, directors, sales managers, marketing managers etc.;
  • Fair pricing policy: we agree about the price of our services always in advance and sign a very detailed contract for our services with no any hidden conditions;
  • Guarantees: if we make recruitment for you and you don’t like the employee – we will replace him with a different one. We always give guarantees for our clients!
  • Professional accounting services: we have a team of accountants which have more that 15 years of experience in the field.

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