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Management of IT companies and R&D in Belarus.

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Accounting and payroll

Experienced English-speaking accountants and payroll specialists.

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Direct EOR/PEO services provider

Quick onboarding of your staff in Belarus. Save time and costs.

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High-Tech Park in Belarus

Management, Accounting and Recruiting services for HTP residents. HTP entry.

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Additional services

Office search, procurements, domiciliation, outsourcing HR department and many more.

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We offer full Payroll Services

Salary and Wage Calculations

We handle precise calculations of gross pay, factoring in salaries, wages, bonuses, and overtime hours.

Deduction Management

We ensure compliance with all mandatory deductions, including taxes and social security contributions, and remit them to the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Benefit Administration

We streamline the management of employee benefits, simplifying the process and minimizing administrative burdens.

Regulatory Compliance

Our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest payroll regulations in Belarus, guaranteeing your business remains compliant with all current and evolving requirements.

Reporting and Data Management

We provide comprehensive reports that offer valuable insights into your payroll data, empowering informed decision-making.

Accounting services in Belarus

We have a really strong and professional team!

Payroll Belarus

Payroll in Belarus: Conquer Compliance & Focus on Growth

Uncertain about the challenges of “payroll services Belarus”? Minimize risks and maximize efficiency with We offer a robust and secure payroll platform, ensuring accurate calculations, timely payments, and automatic tax deductions. Our user-friendly interface lets you easily access payroll reports and employee data, keeping you informed and in control. 

Our team of payroll experts takes care of everything – from calculating salaries and withholding taxes to submitting filings and managing employee onboarding. We ensure your payroll runs smoothly and accurately, every time. Our in-depth knowledge of “payroll Belarus” regulations guarantees your business complies with all current and evolving requirements.

Doing business in Belarus

Belarus offers a highly skilled workforce (90% with higher education) across key sectors, making it an attractive location for business expansion. Setting up shop is straightforward with various entity types to choose from. Labor laws are governed by the Constitution, Labor Code, and trade union/migration regulations. Let guide you through the legalities so you can focus on building your team and achieving success.

Payroll Minsk

Build Your Team in Belarus

Building your team in Belarus doesn’t require navigating complex legalities. offers a seamless solution. We handle the entire employment process, eliminating the need for a local legal entity. Focus on attracting top talent while we take care of onboarding, payroll, and ensuring complete compliance with Belarusian labor laws. Let be your partner in building your dream team in Belarus.

Hiring Employees in Belarus

Building your Belarusian dream team doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking. simplifies the hiring process, eliminating the need to navigate intricate legalities. We guide you through everything, from crafting compliant employment contracts to ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Focus on attracting top talent, while handles the paperwork and ensures adherence to Belarusian labor laws. Let’s build your successful team together.

 What is Payroll?

In Belarus, payroll refers to the complete process of managing employee compensation. This includes calculating gross pay based on salaries, wages, bonuses, and overtime hours. Additionally, payroll involves withholding mandatory deductions like taxes and social security contributions, ensuring these are remitted to the appropriate government authorities. acts as your trusted partner, handling all aspects of payroll in Belarus. We go beyond basic processing to provide efficient management of employee benefits and ensure strict adherence to current and evolving regulations.

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Competitive Benefits Package in Belarus

Competitive Benefits Package in Belarus

Crafting an attractive benefits package is key to attracting and retaining top talent in Belarus. This might include health insurance, dental and vision plans, pension contributions, life and disability insurance, and paid time off beyond the minimum legal requirements. Additional perks like gym memberships or language courses can further enhance your employee value proposition.

Taxes in Belarus

Taxes in Belarus

Understanding the Belarusian tax system is crucial for payroll compliance. Employers are responsible for withholding income tax and social security contributions from employee salaries, with rates varying based on income levels and other factors. Additionally, companies may be subject to corporate income tax, value-added tax (VAT), and other levies. can help you navigate these complexities and ensure you meet all your tax obligations.

Types of Leave

Types of Leave

Belarusian labor law mandates a minimum of 24 days of paid annual leave, with additional days granted for hazardous jobs or long service. Employees are also entitled to paid sick leave, maternity leave, and other forms of leave, such as parental leave for childcare. Understanding these entitlements ensures fair treatment of your employees and minimizes disruptions to your operations.

Employment Termination

Employment Termination

Both employers and employees must follow specific procedures for termination of employment in Belarus. This typically involves providing written notice and adhering to severance pay regulations. Understanding these legalities helps ensure a smooth and compliant termination process.

Employment Law

Employment Law

The Belarusian Labor Code serves as the foundation for employment relationships in the country. It outlines employee rights and employer obligations, covering areas like wages, working hours, overtime compensation, vacation time, and health and safety standards. Staying informed about these regulations helps you foster a positive work environment and avoid legal disputes.



If you plan to hire foreign workers in Belarus, navigating immigration procedures is essential. This involves obtaining work visas and residence permits for your employees. can provide guidance and support throughout the immigration process, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for your international talent.

A Step-by-step Process of Payroll Processing in Belarus

Pre-Payroll Stage
Define your payroll framework based on Belarusian labor laws, social security obligations, and company policies. Collect key information like bank details, ID documents, and tax IDs for processing social security payments and payroll taxes. Set up a system for salary disbursement.
Payroll Processing Stage
Obtain salary structures, benefits details, attendance records, and employee tax declarations from relevant departments. Feed the collected data into your payroll system. Ensure timely salary payments according to Belarusian regulations.
Post-Payroll Activities
Provide employees with payslips detailing their earnings and deductions after salary disbursement. Submit all mandatory payroll deductions, including income taxes and social security premiums, to the relevant authorities.


Belarus Payroll – Basic Facts

Currency: Belarusian Ruble (BYN)

Languages: Russian (common), Belarusian (official)

Payroll Cycle: Monthly, with possible mid-month advance (40%)

13th Salary: Common but not mandatory year-end bonus

Taxes: 5 key taxes for businesses (VAT, income, real estate, land, social security)

Employment Law: Governed by Constitution, Labor Code, union/migration laws

Contracts: Indefinite, fixed-term (max 5 years), project-based, seasonal, temporary

Probation: 3 months

Notice Period: Min. 1 month, max 3 months (depending on contract)

Belarus Payroll Options for Companies

SaaS-Based Payroll Solutions: Modern companies looking to simplify payroll in Belarus often opt for cloud-based solutions. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, automated calculations, and ensure compliance with current regulations. SaaS solutions are ideal for businesses that don’t have a local entity in Belarus.

Third-Party Payroll Administrator: Third-party administrators handle tasks like tax calculations, deductions, and filings, ensuring compliance with Belarusian payroll regulations. This option is well-suited for companies with a local entity established.

Internal Payroll Team: For large enterprises, building an in-house payroll team offers complete control over the process. This approach requires hiring dedicated personnel with expertise in Belarusian accounting and legal regulations. Additionally, companies need to complete the incorporation process and register a local entity before establishing an internal payroll team.

Local Company: Registering a local company in Belarus allows for complete control over payroll. This option grants full responsibility for managing all aspects of payroll in-house, including calculations, deductions, and filings. While offering the most control, establishing a local entity can be time-consuming and requires navigating complex legal and regulatory requirements.

How is Payroll Calculated in Belarus?

Payroll in Belarus follows a straightforward formula:

Net Salary = Gross Salary – Gross Deductions

Gross Salary: This includes all regular income, allowances, one-time payments, and negotiated benefits an employee receives.

Gross Deductions: These encompass mandatory withholdings like:

  • Personal Income Tax: Deducted directly from employee salaries at a pre-determined rate.
  • Statutory Social Security Contributions: Employers contribute a portion alongside employee deductions, funding social security programs.
  • One-Time Employee Deductions: These could include voluntary contributions to union memberships or garnishments for court-ordered payments.
How Can We Help With Payroll in Belarus?
  • Stress-Free Calculations: We handle complex payroll calculations, deductions, and benefits for accurate and timely payments.
  • Compliance Made Easy: Our experts ensure adherence to ever-changing regulations, taking the burden off your shoulders.
  • Streamlined Processing: Leverage our advanced payroll software to save time and minimize errors.
  • Multilingual Support: Get clear communication and support in both English and Belarusian.
  • Focus on Growth: Free up resources and focus on building your team while we handle payroll.
How to Set Up a Payroll in Belarus

Navigating payroll in Belarus can seem daunting, but can guide you through the process. Here’s a simplified roadmap:

  1. Establish Your Business Entity: Choose your company structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.) and complete the registration process.
  2. Open a Local Bank Account: This is necessary for salary disbursements and managing payroll transactions.
  3. Gather Employee Information: Collect essential details like bank account data, ID documents, and tax IDs for social security and tax filings.
  4. Choose a Payroll Solution: Opt for user-friendly payroll software or partner with a reliable payroll service provider like
  5. Understand Employment Regulations: Familiarize yourself with Belarusian labor laws, tax requirements, and mandatory deductions (income tax, social security).

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