EOR services in IT in Belarus

We have been providing EOR services for the IT sector for over 7 years. Among our clients in this area are large international companies and startups at various stages of obtaining funding (attracting investors).

Advantages of EOR in IT in Belarus:

Instant start - literally in 48 hours;

Cost minimization;

Fast onboarding of candidates;

Constant support 24/7;

Discounted recruiting: We provide recruiting discounts to all clients who use our EOR service.

Stages of work on EOR services in Belarus:

Discussion of financial and other conditions;

Calculation of costs for the Client;

Signing the necessary contracts;

Recruiting specialists for the Client (if necessary);

Onboarding candidates.

Discussion of financial and other conditions with the Client and calculation of costs

As a rule, we start from this stage. We discuss financial and other terms of cooperation, as a rule, in Zoom, Skype or at a meeting in our office. During the discussion, we find out all the needs of the Client (EOR, recruiting), clarify the availability of any specific reports that must be provided to the Client. Based on this, the Client receives from us a calculation of the cost of EOR services per person. If the Client attracts more than 10 (ten) employees, we provide discounts.

Signing the necessary agreements with the Client

Due to the fact that we have been in this business for more than 7 years, we have all the necessary templates for contracts and documents for the Client. As a rule, we send a package of documents to the Client for approval. The legal structure of the documents is quite simple, which gives the Client complete transparency and understanding of the situation.

Recruiting IT specialists for EOR

We have extensive recruiting experience in Belarus and provide special recruiting conditions for our EOR clients. Recruiting terms are highly dependent on the level of the specialist, as well as on the state of the market. Sometimes we manage to fill vacancies in a few days, and sometimes it can take a month or more. As you know, recruiting also depends on the state of the market.

Onboarding candidates for clients

As a rule, candidates onboarding is fast enough. If necessary, we always agree on the text of the labor contract with the Clients in advance. In this case, the text of the contract with a detailed explanation is sent to the Client. Most often, we hire candidates with a 1 (one) year contract with a preliminary 3-month probationary period.

Employee insurance and other employee benefits

To make the employee feel comfortable, we are always ready to provide such additional services as life and health insurance, sports compensation, fuel compensation, etc. We are ready to discuss any additional benefits that the company will compensate / provide to the employee.

Why SPEX ADVISERS LLC as an EOR provider in Belarus?

EXPERIENCE. We really have enough of it to provide a quality service to the client.

TRANSPARENCY and CUSTOMER FOCUS. You will feel it immediately.

SERVICE COST. We have it really honest and marketable.

FLEXIBILITY. Our Clients receive all possible additional services that are allowed by the legislation of Belarus.

DISCOUNTS. If you are our regular customer, you can always count on it.

EOR provider in Belarus - how to contact us

Write to us by mail - info@spex.by or call the phone number: +375293664477. We'd love to chat!