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Virtual services Belarus

Virtual Office in Belarus: Your Gateway to the Market

For international IT companies looking to establish a legal presence in Belarus without the overhead of a physical office, Spex offers the ideal solution. Our virtual office service provides a prestigious Belarus address essential for company registration and compliance. A virtual address is a real street address used for business purposes without requiring a physical office. It’s essential for business registration, building credibility, and receiving mail, offering flexibility and cost savings.

Our commitment extends beyond a simple address; we offer comprehensive support, including power of attorney mail reception, document scanning, and secretarial services. You get easy access to your mail and documents. Moreover, our legal and accounting experts are on hand to provide comprehensive support, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance. Experience the benefits of a virtual office with Spex and unlock your business’s full potential.

So what is a virtual address?

A legal address, also known as the registered address or statutory address, is a crucial component of a company’s identity and plays a significant role in its operations. It serves as the official location of a business entity, where legal documents are delivered, correspondence is received, and official communications are directed. Unlike a physical office, a legal address can be a virtual one, providing a business with a prestigious location without the need for an actual office space.

How to choose a virtual address

Selecting a legal address is crucial for a business’s foundation. It impacts everything from company registration and tax obligations to legal proceedings and business image. A well-chosen address, whether physical or virtual, ensures smooth operations and compliance. Consider factors such as location, prestige, accessibility, cost, and future growth when making your decision. Professional services can assist in finding the ideal address and managing associated tasks. Ultimately, the legal address should support the business’s long-term goals and enhance its overall credibility.

Virtual services Minsk

Virtual address in Minsk for company registration

A legal address is an indispensable requirement for registering an IT company in Minsk. It’s a fundamental component of the registration process, serving as the official location of the business. Providing an accurate and accessible legal address is crucial for successful company formation and subsequent interactions with government agencies and other entities.

Why do you need a legal address service?

Many jurisdictions require a physical address for business registration. It can enhance your business’s credibility and professionalism. Besides, a legal address service ensures that your business mail is securely received and managed. Using this service, you protect your personal address. You are not tied to a physical location. Moreover, you adhere to legal and regulatory requirements that often necessitate a physical address. By utilizing a legal address service, you can maintain a professional business image, protect your privacy, and streamline your operations without the overhead costs of traditional office space.

Buy a virtual address in Belarus

There are three primary methods for acquiring a legal address in Belarus:

  1. Renting a Physical Office Space: This method is commonly preferred as it provides a physical location for receiving mail and conducting business operations. However, it involves additional costs associated with rent, utilities, and maintenance.

  2. Purchasing a virtual Address from a Specialized Company: Specialized companies offer virtual addresses for a fee. This option eliminates the need for physical office space, but requires due diligence to ensure the company’s reputation and the address’s compliance with regulations.

  3. Registering at a Home Address: This option is suitable for businesses that do not require a physical workspace. However, it may be restricted by regulations governing the use of residential addresses for business purposes.

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All-in-One Solutions

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Exceptional Communication

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Well-Equipped Offices

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What is a virtual Address?

A virtual address is the official location registered for a business entity or individual. It’s distinct from a physical address and primarily serves legal and administrative purposes. This address is used for official correspondence, tax filings, legal notices, and other formal communications. While it can be a physical location, many jurisdictions allow virtual addresses for business registration, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Why do you need a virtual address?

A virtual address offers several key advantages:

  • Privacy Protection: It safeguards your personal address from public records and unsolicited mail.
  • Professional Image: A prestigious virtual address can enhance your business’s credibility.
  • Business Registration: Many jurisdictions require a physical address for business registration.
  • Mail Management: Conveniently receive and manage business mail without a physical office.
  • Cost Savings: Avoid the expenses associated with renting or owning a physical office space.
  • Flexibility: Operate your business from anywhere without sacrificing a professional address.
Virtual office (domiciliation) in Belarus for company registration

According to the legislation, each legal entity must have a legal address. The legislator does not give a definition of this term, but it should be considered that a legal address means the location of a legal entity, i.e. location of its executive body.

The legislator establishes that the legal address of the company is the place of the state registration. In this case, the premises for the legal address may be rented. When registering a company, the founders should determine their location and take a letter of guarantee from the landlord.

This document confirms that the owner provides the property to a legal entity to place its legal address. The letter of guarantee should indicate the address of the premises and the data of the owner and rental company.

The charter must contain a legal address. If the constituent document is submitted without indicating the location, the company will not be able to register.

Why do I need an office address in Belarus?

Providing a legal address is carried out by many companies and individuals who own the premises. The purpose of this service from the owner of the premises is to obtain a rental payment.

The lessee, or a legal entity preparing for registration, enters into a lease of premises for the purpose of placing the legal address of the company, as this is required by the legislator. A company cannot be registered without a legal address.

After concluding a lease, the lessor writes a letter of guarantee on the provision of a legal address, which the tenant submits to the executive committee in order to register the company.

How to buy an office address (virtual office)

A limited liability company (hereinafter – LLC), like another legal entity, can buy an office for rent. It should be noted here that you can buy a legal address of an LLC only in non-residential premises. For a unitary enterprise, the situation is different: it can be registered in the apartment.

To buy a legal address, you need to search for ads on providing a legal address. Purchase is one of the ways to obtain a legal address for a company with an LLC along with a rental.

On the Internet space there are many advertisements for the sale of a legal address. Legal addresses in the form of a part of an isolated non-residential premises (a workplace in an office, a point in a shopping center, etc.) are especially popular.

Before buying a legal address, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following information:

  • the area of ​​the room or part of the room;
  • condition of the room;
  • office rating, etc.

Subsequently, a contract of sale of a legal address should be concluded, in which an indication of the price of the premises is mandatory.

Ways to get an office office in Belarus

There are several ways to acquire the address of the location of the company. In particular, these are:

  • use of the premises already owned by the company;
  • registration at home address (for individuals – citizens and individual entrepreneurs);
  • rental of legal address;
  • conclusion of an office purchase agreement.
    For the LLC, there is a ban on registering a location at the founder’s home address.
Documents required for registration of a virtual office in Belarus

The legislator does not establish the obligation of the founders to submit a document to the legal address for company registration.

However, for registration you must submit:

  • letter of guarantee from the owner;
  • lease agreement, which must be submitted to the tax authority;
  • notification of a change in the legal address to the registration authority (within 10 days from the date of change).
Providing an address for legal entities

Legal addresses (domiciles) are provided to legal entities registered in the established manner. Providing legal addresses for the registration of LLC is possible only in non-residential premises.

If an individual entrepreneur can register a legal address at the address of the place of residence, then the legislator does not provide such an opportunity for all legal entities. As mentioned above, the exception is LLC.

Request (application) for a legal address

When choosing a room, the company may send a request for a legal address to the owner. Such a statement shall indicate the offer to acquire a legal address for a fee.

After receiving the application, the parties can agree on the method of providing a legal address, the amount and frequency of payment.

Registered office letter of guarantee

A letter of guarantee for the provision of a legal address is required for submission to the executive committee upon registration of the company.

The letter of guarantee must contain:

  • name of legal entity or surname, name, patronymic of citizen;
  • the exact and complete address of the premises (indicating the street, house, building, office or room number);
  • size of the area of ​​the premises;
  • an indication of intent to provide a legal address.

The letter of guarantee for providing a legal address must be branded, contain the seal and signature of the director or other authorized person.

Responsibility for providing a virtual office

The company (owner) is obliged to provide the registering authority with reliable information about its location. If knowingly false information is provided, the registration of the company will not be carried out. The exception is the clerical address, made without intent to indicate false information.

In practice, there are often cases when the legal address of the company does not coincide with the actual one. Often, many firms operate not at their registered location, but at a different address. This is a violation, and the owner of the company is responsible for providing false information.

The company is also responsible for failure to report a change of legal address. The executive committee should be notified of this event no later than ten days from the date of the change of address. If there is a lack of notification, the tax office may subject the organization to a fine of up to 50 basic units.

What kind of services we provide

Today in Belarus there are a sufficient number of companies providing services for providing the address of the location to legal entities. Our company has its own premises (real estate) – we don’t sublease spaces. We are a direct virtual office services provider.

Below you can find the list of our services:

  • forwarding mail to tenant’s email;
  • secretary services;
  • providing a dedicated Belarusian number;
  • workplace equipment;
  • safe and storage system;
  • other equipment or services as agreed.
Service Indication Contract

The contract for the provision of services is preferably concluded before the registration of the company. The contract states that the company is provided with premises for use as a legal address. By agreement, it can be determined that the premises are provided with a telephone, the ability to send mail. The contract must indicate a ban on living in the room.

The contract for the provision of services should contain conditions on:

  • price of services;
  • the manner and timing of the provision of services;
  • rights and obligations of the parties;
  • liability of the parties;
  • the duration of the contract.
Cost of the virtual office services

Price indication – a prerequisite for the contract of sale of a legal address. It is determined by agreement of the parties.

The office lease must also indicate the price. Usually it is established with a frequency of payments once a month.

Procedure for providing a legal address

Choose address type: Decide whether to rent or purchase the office space that will serve as your legal address. Consider factors such as budget, long-term plans, and desired level of commitment.

Finalize agreement: Formalize the agreement with the landlord or seller, outlining terms, conditions, and financial obligations. Ensure the contract accurately reflects the legal address.

Pay necessary fees: Complete the necessary payments for the legal address, whether it’s rent, purchase price, or associated fees. Adhere to the agreed-upon payment schedule.

Prepare guarantee letter: Prepare a letter confirming the availability and legality of the address for business registration. This letter is required by the registration authority.

Update company documents: Update the company’s charter or other relevant documents to reflect the new legal address. Ensure accuracy and consistency in all documentation.

Submit paperwork: Submit the completed lease or purchase agreement, guarantee letter, updated company documents, and other necessary paperwork to the executive committee for business registration.

Documents Required to Register a virtual Address
  1. Letter of Guarantee from the Owner: A formal document issued by the property owner confirming the availability of the premises as a legal address for the company, often required by registration authorities.
  2. Lease Agreement: A legally binding contract between the company and the property owner, outlining the terms of the lease, including rental amount, duration, and other relevant conditions.
  3. Notification of Change of virtual Address: A formal document submitted to the registration authority within the specified timeframe to inform them of the company’s new legal address and update official records.

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