Management services for subsidiaries of foreign IT companies in Belarus

In the past few years, due to the active growth of the IT industry in Belarus, the demand for management services of foreign subsidiary IT companies has increased. We associate the increase in demand with several main reasons: firstly, it is still trust. Very often, in our experience, a foreign IT company that enters the Republic of Belarus is afraid to trust some person with whom they have never dealt with, to manage their Belarusian company. After all, a person who will be a director will have full access to the company’s bank account, will have the right to sign any documents on behalf of the company, and make any transactions. Thus, it is simply impossible to trust an unfamiliar and unverified person on such issues at once. Secondly, a foreign company needs accounting support, and it is not so easy to find an experienced and good accountant for an HTP company. Third, experience and expertise. Foreigners want to be sure that the manager or director really has experience in this particular area and will be able to organize everything in Belarus. And fourthly, the cost also plays a role, because if there is a full-time accountant, a full-time director, the company is obliged to pay taxes for them.

Why do foreign IT companies choose us to organize and manage their projects and companies in the Republic of Belarus?

  • We are a professional management company and have been providing these services for over 7 (seven) years. Management is one of our main specialties.
  • Only professional workers: we have really professionals who have more than 10 (ten) years of experience working with HTP. Students do not work for us, only experienced employees work with clients.
  • Reputation. We have organized more than 50 IT companies in Belarus, helped them from start to finish: from organizing a company, an office, hiring employees, accounting support and starting operations. All of them are still our Clients.
  • Reasonable and adequate cost of our services: you will see for yourself that we “work off” all the money that you pay us.
  • Protecting the interests of our Clients: we always seek the best conditions for the companies we manage, in everything: from renting to purchasing the necessary equipment.

Registration and organization of a foreign IT company in Belarus remotely

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began to provide services for organizing foreign IT business in Belarus completely remotely. Thus, today it does not even make sense for our Clients to come to Belarus, because their offices and companies were launched without their presence completely from A to Z.

What can we do for you in Belarus?

  • support for the opening of your IT company remotely;
  • support for opening bank accounts remotely;
  • conclusion of office lease agreements;
  • purchase of all necessary office equipment;
  • recruiting personnel, signing labor contracts with them;
  • accompanying the company in joining the HTP;
  • daily operational activities, delivery of all reports and full organization of the company’s functioning.

Thus, we do all these processes completely remotely – you, as a client, only participate in approvals. In 2021 – Q1 2023, we helped organize their business for more than 17 foreign IT companies in Belarus. Seven of them already employ over 80 developers.

Opening an office of a foreign IT company in Belarus: where to start?

The whole process of organizing your subsidiary in Belarus will look like this:

  • Remote company registration;
  • Remote search and selection of an office;
  • Recruiting and onboarding specialists according to your requirements;
  • Accompanying the company’s entry into the HTP;
  • Organization of office work.

As a rule, from our experience, the organization of your business in Belarus (from the moment of opening a company to joining the HTP) takes about 2-3 months. As for the recruiting process, it can take from a month to 4 months depending on your requirements and technology stack.

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In case you are considering Belarus for opening an office for your company, welcome to our office. We will help you organize your business in Belarus from A to Z. As well as provide you with full support for your projects in Belarus.

You can contact us via email: or by phone +375293664477.

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