IT TOP Management Recruiting in Belarus

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, any legal entity is required to have an executive body. In Belarus, such may be a director (manager) or a management company. 

Differences between the manager (director) and the management company

  •  Taxation. It should be noted that if you hire a manager, taxes are paid by the company. The situation with the management company is completely different. In case you hire a company, the payments come from its side.
  •  Competencies. Hiring a management company, you get not one person, but a whole well-coordinated team. A team of specialists of various fields, which can significantly affect the speed and quality of the work performed.
  • Cost. The services of a management company will cost you less than hiring a manager for your company. After all, it is worth taking into account the scope of tasks and competencies, which are quite different in these two variants.   

In this case, we can not give advice on who is better to hire. It all depends on your expectations and the tasks that need to be done. Everything is very individual, and in one case, it is better to have a whole team, in another – one experienced specialist who will be fully immersed in the company’s processes and will know it from beginning to end.

Functions of an IT company manager

First, a manager is the only person in the company who can represent its interests without a power of attorney. Unlike ordinary employees, without a power of attorney he can, for example:

  • open a bank account;
  • sign contracts;
  • receive goods and sign certificates and consignment notes;
  • represent the company in court and other authorities;
  • hire employees, fire them, and so on.

Attention! The key point is that a manager can grant power of attorney to employees to act on behalf of a company. It is worth noting an important point – only a manager is responsible for the activities of the company’s employees, even with a power of attorney.

If to speak about the functions of an IT company manager in more detail, it should be added:

  • Knowledge and experience in dealing with HTP (Hi-Tech Park), including reporting
  • Manage all or a part of the IT department, including: direct management, hiring and working with the technology team and other departments (hence the need to understand all processes from development to business processes)
  • Identification and recommendation of new technological solutions
  • Coordination of IT operations 
  • Monitoring of department finances, including budgeting and forecasting
  • Accounting control. Which includes monitoring the timing of the preparation and delivery of reports, monitoring the timing of the preparation of account balance-sheets, and engaging an external audit. This is quite a heavy responsibility, so you need to choose an employee with the appropriate competence and experience.

That is the point when you realize how important it is to have an experienced and proven person for this position. 

Salaries and wages of Top Managers in IT in Belarus

In our experience, the salary of a manager of an IT company ranges from $3,000 to $20,000 per month. It all depends on the number of employees, the amount of work and what market the company is targeting. In any case, everything is negotiated individually with the candidates after discussing all the tasks ahead, scope and expectations.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • The vision has always been ‘to make it better’. We are not typical recruiters in your opinion and, for good reason, we don’t want to be one. Over the past few years, we have firmly established ourselves as the market leader in technical IT recruitment in Belarus and abroad. Our distinctive feature from other companies is the individual recruitment of top managers for companies. Not everybody will take on such responsible work. After all, the importance of recruiting the right person is quite clear.
  • We are trusted not only in Belarus. We are extremely proud of the credibility we have gained from our foreign clients, who came to the Belarusian market knowing absolutely nothing about it (the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan).
  • A professional team with more than 10 (ten) years of experience in the field of recruiting, in particular top managers; we have an individual approach to each client and candidate. All our employees are trained according to our specially developed program. No one works on his own, we are a big, close-knit family. We have well-established processes and employees who know their business really well.
  • We belong to the TOP 3 on This is not the only platform on which we provide our services. The result is the same – we are trusted and loved by our customers. Our clients often give us good reviews and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.
  •  Professional experience in IT staff selection: every year we recruit staff for more than 70 (seventy) IT companies in Belarus.  We have enough employees and skills to manage a number of clients at the same time. We are happy to take on this responsibility and solve the problem of your business.
  •  A just and fair pricing policy: we always agree on the price of our services in advance and sign a very detailed contract without any hidden terms. Our qualified lawyers are always ready to answer all your questions. 
  • Guarantees: if you do not like the employee, we will replace him with another one. We always provide guarantees to our customers!  Free replacement for up to 60 days. It adds credibility to the company, doesn’t it?  We appreciate our customers and take care of them. We especially understand that it takes time to work with a person to be fully convinced of his compatibility with the company and the team. You can rely on us. We understand you, and we are always ready to support you.
  •  Professional accounting and payroll: our team of experienced accountants will take care of your employees. We provide a full range of accounting and payroll services in Belarus. After all, recruiting is not just about sharing a CV. We never leave work till it’s done and support a candidate on all issues, even after the offer has been signed.
  •  It’s really simple. We select the best top managers of the best, who will be with all their heart and mind immersed in the processes of your company. Before we share our resumes with you, we talk to every candidate in person and carefully screen them. Whether you are a start-up seeking to grow, a scalable enterprise, or a multinational company in need of top talent, we have experience of working with everyone.  Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.   
  •  Our bilingual consultants have extensive experience in payroll records and administrative processes and they can give you the most up-to-date advice, so you can focus on the growth of your company. 

We will not be modest, if we say that all our clients who needed to find such employees were satisfied and we still work with them for years. We won’t share the secret to our success, we’ll just say that it’s all about good soft skills.

In our database we have the right candidates whom we know personally and have been working with for quite a long time. Once we know you, with 100% accuracy we will be able to understand exactly which one of them will suit you. We focus not only on the tasks that a manager will need to cope with, but on the values of the individual and his goals.

 Thanks to many years of experience, with a firm confidence we can say that we strictly hold selection and get into the candidate’s ‘soul’. This question often arises in foreign companies or companies with a foreign founder. In this case, they also contact us with a question about recruiting a suitable manager. As we have already said, we will surely find the right person for you.

How to find us

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