Basics of Hiring Staff in Belarus: What Foreign Companies Need to Know

In the dynamic world of information technology, effective human resource management plays a key role in ensuring the success of an organization. However, it can be a difficult task for IT specialists to sort out the complicated issues of employment, contracts and benefits. In this article, study the key aspects of the differences between different forms of labor relations and the nuances of the details of the contract from specialists.

The Right Choice of Contract

Belarusian labor legislation offers several different types of contracts, each with its own specific set of rules and consequences. The table below discusses the three main contract options and explains their key differences.

Contract TypeContractor Agreement An Open-Ended Employment ContractEmployment Contract
TypeCivil contractEmployment contractEmployment contract
TermTypically for short-termIndefinite1 to 5 years
Essence and GuaranteesNoGuarantees under the Labor CodeGuarantees under the Labor Code
PaymentUsually after work completion and acceptanceAt least twice a monthAt least once a month
Early TerminationBy mutual agreement By mutual agreement or specific conditionsBy mutual agreement or specific conditions
Entry in the Work BookNoRequired (except for part-time work)Required
Special ConditionsNoNoAdditional paid leave, tariff rate increases, specific vacation pay timing
Essential TermsInclude contract subject, payment details, obligations, and termination conditionsInclude contract subject, payment terms, safety responsibilities, and termination conditions
Include contract subject, payment terms, safety responsibilities, and termination conditions

Features of Hiring

In addition to the aforementioned types of contracts, it is extremely important to take into account the unique globalization of the IT sector, where professionals often work in different time zones and locations. Which in turn creates circumstances that require attention in the hiring process.

Balancing the Working Time of IT-specialists

In an era when IT professionals often collaborate in different time zones, flexible working hours are essential. The use of conditional daily or monthly reporting periods allows employees to adapt their work schedule. It is noteworthy that remote IT specialists can work without scheduled breaks, increasing productivity.

Facilitating the Smooth Transfer of IT Specialists

The smooth transition of IT specialists between projects or departments depends on the preservation of labor functions, the adaptation of structural units and changes in contracts. To simplify these transitions, the issuance of a relocation order and the renewal of employment contracts is of fundamental importance. Organizations that often combine several projects can simplify the process by combining them into a single structural unit.

Adaptation of Employment Contracts to the Amounts of Payments

The variable nature of IT revenue can make it difficult to determine the amount of remuneration. Instead, the contracts may specify that the remuneration corresponds to the tariff salary. This approach allows you to make adjustments in the future without requiring significant changes to the original contract.

Additional Benefits for IT Professionals

Employers offering tempting benefits, such as housing, training or financing, can formalize these conditions in a contract. Such agreements may include mandatory terms of service and compensation provisions in case of early termination of the contract.

Providing Additional Rest Days to IT Specialists

Organizations can provide additional rest days to IT specialists by establishing a mandatory minimum work leave with payment of financial compensation or compensation in accordance with the rules of vacation pay.

In conclusion, managing IT specialists effectively requires a proactive approach to human resource management. By understanding the complexities of the IT industry and tailoring employment contracts accordingly, organizations can attract, retain, and optimize the performance of their IT specialists, ultimately contributing to the success and competitiveness of their business. Our company is committed to assisting organizations in this endeavor, providing professional management services designed to meet the unique demands of the IT sector.

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