Biometric Documents

Biometric documents are modern documents that contain the owner’s biometric data for identification. In Belarus biometric data increases security and ease of use. This article explains what biometric documents exist in Belarus, how to get them, and what advantages they provide to their owners.

What is the meaning of biometric documents?

The use of biometric documents speeds up the process of passing border control when crossing the border, promotes the development of electronic services, and provides reliable protection against counterfeiting. 

The card integrates the owner’s personal data, including a photo, fingerprints, and other information that a computer reads. This complies with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements.

What biometric documents are available in Belarus

Belarus has biometric identity documents and biometric documents for departure and entry to Belarus. 

A biometric identity document is an identification card (ID card) used only within the country. One side of the card contains the same information as in the usual paper passport, including the owner’s photo and signature. On the other side, there is a chip and a QR code.

The biometric document for entry and exit from Belarus is a biometric passport. It looks like a familiar passport. All its pages, except the first one, are empty for putting down visas and entry and exit marks. You can get two biometric passports. One can be given for visas, and the other can be used to leave when the first one is at the embassy.

Foreigners who apply for a residence permit are issued only biometric documents.

Belarusian citizens can choose between a regular paper passport or biometric documents.

When it is possible to receive biometric documents

If you plan to leave Belarus, you can get a biometric passport for children from birth and yourself.

When you need a passport, you must choose between a regular passport and an ID card at the age of 14. You can also replace your passport with biometric documents at any time.

Where to get biometric documents

To get an ID card and a biometric passport, apply to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Citizenship and Migration at the place of residence in Belarus with a passport and pay a state fee. These are 2 basic values (80 rubles). For pensioners, the disabled and children under 14 – 1.5 basic units (60 rubles).

In the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Citizenship and Migration, they issue an application in electronic form, photos, fingerprints and a signature sample.

A biometric passport can be obtained simultaneously with an ID card or after registration. It must be obtained in case of permanent residence abroad.

Issuing or exchanging an ID card costs 1.5 basic units (30 rubles). A biometric passport – 2 basic units – 80 rubles.

For those who have completed permanent departure from Belarus, biometric documents are issued at the main consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus or Citizenship and Migration Office at the place of last registration in Belarus.

After receiving biometric documents, there is no way to abandon them and switch to a regular paper passport.

The deadline for processing biometric documents

As a general rule, biometric documents are issued within 15 days, 10 days on an urgent basis, and 5 days on an expedited basis.

The validity period of biometric documents

Biometric documents are issued for 10 years to people over 14 and 5 years to people under 14.

What is received together with biometric documents

Two PIN codes are issued simultaneously with the ID card. One is needed so that a particular reader can allow access to personal data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs database, where the population register is being formed. Readers are available in government organizations that confirm identity using an ID card.

The second PIN remotely confirms the ID card holder’s electronic signature without visiting government agencies. This method works through a personal account on the National Center for Electronic Services’ website.

Together with the ID card, a PACK code is issued in case of an erroneous PIN code entry.

Where to replace biometric documents

You can replace the ID card at any location in Belarus. Belarusian citizens who live abroad must come to Belarus to replace their documents and apply to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Citizenship and Migration at their last residence. This must be done in person or by proxy, issued in Belarus.

To replace a biometric passport, those who have two of them need to hand over both passports. The personal presence of a citizen is required to replace a biometric passport. They issue a new passport to the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Citizenship and Migration, in which an application for replacement has been submitted. 

If there is a visa in a regular passport that needs to be replaced with a biometric one, then you need to write a written application for the return of the passport. The passport is invalidated and returned to the owner before the end of the visa period. Then, the passport must be handed over.

What are the advantages of biometric documents?

Biometric documents provide several significant advantages and benefits:

  1. Security: Biometric data (fingerprints and facial scans) are unique and cannot be forged, making biometric documents more reliable than conventional documents based on a photo or signature.
  2. Personal data protection: Biometric documents can store and protect the owner’s digital data, such as photos and fingerprints, which avoids the possibility of theft of personal information.
  3. Convenience and efficiency: The ability to quickly scan biometric data makes identity verification and border control faster and easier.
  4. Identification: Biometric documents allow you to quickly identify a person, which is especially important in the field of security and fraud prevention.

Using biometric documents provides increased security, protects personal data, and is convenient when passing the border and other checkpoints.

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