Entry into HTP in 2023: Rules and Innovations

Belarus has firmly established itself as a growing technological center, and its heart is the Hi-Tech Park (HTP). For enterprises and individual entrepreneurs seeking to immerse themselves in up-to-date information about the field of technology, the process of joining HTP and benefits, we have collected the latest news in one article. This guide describes the steps and subtleties of obtaining HTP resident status in 2023.


HTP Residence is open to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs specializing in various fields of high technology. These include:

  • Development and implementation of educational programs in the field of information and communication technologies.
  • Preparation of esports teams, esports competitions and broadcasts.
  • Activities in the field of artificial intelligence and the creation of control systems for unmanned vehicles.
  • Mining, storage and alienation of cryptocurrencies.

Step-by-step process

  1. Business project development: The introduction begins with the development of a comprehensive business project. This document should include sections that allow you to get an idea of the project summary, company details, development strategy and financial forecasts.
  2. Submission of documents: Next, it is necessary to provide the HTP administration with key documents, including an application for a business project, a copy of the charter and a copy of the certificate of state registration.
  3. Consideration and decision-making: The HTP Administration carefully reviews the submitted documents within a month. The Supervisory Board carefully assesses the significance of the project and decides on registration, which may require scientific and technical expertise.
  4. Inclusion in the Register: After approval, the company is officially included in the register of HTP residents, which is a key moment in the accession process.
  5. Certificate issuance: Upon successful registration, the company receives a certificate officially confirming its HTP resident status.

Signing of the agreement

The completion of the process involves the signing of an agreement outlining the conditions of activity as a HTP resident.


Ensure thorough preparation of documents for submission, the list includes:

  • application signed by the manager;
  • a business project containing a summary, a characteristic, a description of products, an implementation plan and an investment plan;
  • copies of the charter and the certificate of state registration with the originals.

Advantages of HTP Residency

Take advantage of many advantages as an HTP resident:

  • Simplified taxation rules until 2049, which leads to a reduction in payroll taxes.
  • Tax benefits for transactions using cryptocurrencies.
  • Maximum use of “English legislation” when concluding agreements.
  • Conclusion of a non-competition agreement with employees.
  • Simplified reporting and document management procedures.
  • The absence of subsidiary liability for obligations, which creates a favorable environment for growth.

Thus, the Hi-Tech Park offers a unique environment for growth and benefits, allowing you to maximize the potential in the field of information technology within the Republic of Belarus and at the global level. Our company specializes in helping IT sector organizations to master the opportunities provided by HTP.

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