How to Become More Expensive in the Labor Market in Belarus? – Top 20 ways

In the modern world of information technology, the labour market is constantly changing, and it is not easy to become a sought-after specialist. The rapid development of technology requires constant training and improvement from IT specialists. This article contains key points that will help you increase your value in the labour market and achieve success in the field of information technology.

Top 20 ways to increase your value in the labour market

1. Complete the courses and get additional education

It is widely believed among job seekers in the IT field that employers look at the results of completing technical tasks and not at diplomas. This is partly true, but the diploma of good professional IT courses confirms that you are ready to perform new tasks and develop in the profession. Your certificates and certifications are a great addition to your work experience and resume.

2. Get an international certificate confirming your qualifications

It is a certificate from a foreign company, which is issued for passing exams. Sometimes, companies provide a training program for such an exam, and sometimes, you need to prepare yourself. Certificates confirm the expertise of an IT specialist in a specific area. For example, training programs provide Cisco. Certificates are also issued by SAP, CDP, CompTIA, Oracle, Cisco, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services.

3. Know several languages — English is mandatory except Russian. It is the language of communication

It is almost impossible to enter and develop in IT without knowing English in Belarus. You must communicate in international teams, possibly with customers and clients. You will not be able to learn a foreign language once and for all. Therefore, we recommend that you attend speaking clubs, courses, and communicate with colleagues who are native speakers. Besides English, knowledge of a second and other foreign languages can help you improve your chances.

4. Choose a company that provides an internship for training

An internship, even unpaid, is an investment in your value in the labour market and in career development. The advantages of the internship are that you study on a real IT project and interact with colleagues, managers and customers. Such a project can become part of your portfolio. If you have a successful internship, you may be invited to work. However, you should not agree to an extended internship. You can complete several projects, replenish your portfolio and, in the absence of an offer, offer your services to another company.

5. Create cases in your portfolio

Make out your results on an internship or other projects in a portfolio. Record your achievements, ask for feedback from employers and customers, and include such recommendations in your portfolio whenever possible. If it is impossible to give the company’s name, specify the area in which it works in the portfolio. Your portfolio should attract the attention of a potential employer. You can post your portfolio on professional resources to send a link to recruiters easily.

6. Analyze the demand in the market and estimate the cost of your work

Research the prices for the services of other IT professionals of your level on job sites and in professional communities. You may see that your cost is below the market average, which will be a great incentive to increase the cost of your work and not agree to sell your competencies at a low price. If you have enough experience, a well-designed portfolio and the ability to perform new tasks, consider whether you should raise the cost of your services. On the contrary, after analyzing the market, you will realize that you are increasing your value as a professional and draw conclusions.

7. Get a career consultation

Career consulting will help you determine which positions in the IT field and which companies you can count on and understand the prospects for your professional development and income level. Career consulting is an investment in your professional future in the IT sector in Belarus.

8. Offer the employer service options that will increase the check

Do not hesitate to ask management if you have any ideas on how the employer can increase the check. You will be able to earn more, as the employer will not have to look for a new employee, which is associated with a number of costs. In this case, increasing the salary of an employee who has already been hired is easier.

9. Suggest how to improve the project

It is essential to realize that your ideas can lead not only to improving work efficiency and achieving the company’s goals, but also to increasing your earnings. Be able to see the growth points of the project and don’t be afraid to take the initiative by suggesting how to improve the project. Learn new technologies and working methods to keep abreast of current trends and see new opportunities. Do not be afraid to trust your professional opinion and voice it — the employer will not ignore your suggestions.

10. Measure the effectiveness of your work

The best option is to measure the effectiveness of your work in numbers. It is especially effective to compare the digitized results of your work with the results that were at the beginning of your work. If comparison is impossible, digitize work effectiveness on a project or an already completed project. Submit such data to the employer. It will be an excellent argument for increasing your earnings.

11. Develop a personal brand

Your services will be more expensive if more people know you as an excellent specialist and expert. Therefore, it will be helpful to participate in professional IT communities online, periodically publish professional posts, and participate in discussions. You can participate in online conferences in the IT field not only as a listener but also as a speaker, mentor novice IT professionals, and receive feedback from them. Post this information on your social media accounts.

12. Develop networking

Meet your colleagues in the field in professional chats or at online conferences. The message “never eat alone” helps you become a part of the IT community, see the prospects for your development in the field, be aware of offers, find an interesting project, and get a well-paid job.

13. Develop soft skills

Even in the IT sector, soft skills are now in demand, even though work does not always involve communication with clients and frequent communication with colleagues. Employees with empathy and the ability to communicate effectively and creatively approach projects have high chances to advance in the field and increase their income. Anyway, you will have to share in a team, and the success of the project and your personal one often depends on successful communication. Treat your work as if you are working for yourself.

14. Participate in industry events

IT professionals have the opportunity to participate in professional events: seminars, conferences, trainings. This way you will not only make new acquaintances, but also keep up to date with updates in the field. All this increases your value as an employee. The value of your work increases along with the value you bring to the employer.

15. Ask for feedback

Feel free to contact managers with questions about your work’s quality, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be done to earn more. In this case, you can count on honest answers and conclude the prospects for your development as an IT specialist, grow as a person and as a professional. A real conversation with management is something that should not be feared. You can initiate a conversation yourself, rather than waiting for suggestions from management.

16. Master related professions

Mastering related skills according to your competencies or related professions can add professional value. For example, there is a certain shortage of specialists in the IT field who can mentor, teach, and train novice specialists. Teaching skills can add value to you as an IT professional.

17. Work with data and learn AI / Chat GPT

Exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and GPT chat in IT has many advantages. AI and GPT can improve work efficiency, automate routine tasks, improve customer service, analyze data to make better-informed decisions, and provide a personalized user experience. Modern AI and GPT chat technologies also help IT company employees be competitive and follow current trends in the IT industry.

18. Set goals

Setting professional goals helps you understand what actions you will need to take to get where you want to go. Goals can be long-term and short-term. Decompose your long-term goals: break them down into short-term ones.

19. Be flexible

Remember that your IT capabilities are not limited to a specific company and your existing skills. Learn new directions in the IT field, new foreign languages. New opportunities come when a specialist shows flexibility in his professional search.

20. Expand the functionality

Your income level in the IT field depends on the functionality you have mastered in your profession. It is crucial to constantly develop, master new programming languages and expand its functionality to increase its value in the labor market and income. Learning new languages allows you to solve current problems, work on various projects and be more competitive. Specialists who speak a large set of programming languages have more opportunities for career growth and salary increases. Investing time and effort in learning new languages is the key to a successful career in the IT field.

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