Wage Trends of August 2023 in Belarus

We reveal interesting details on the latest report of the National Statistical Committee on wage trends in Belarus for August 2023. According to Belstat, the average salary of Belarusian workers for August 2023 was 1962.4 rubles. This marks a significant increase of 29.3 rubles compared to the previous month.

Regional Disparities

It should be noted that the highest average salary in Minsk reaches 2589.8 rubles, while in other regions the wage indicators are as follows:

  • Brest district – 1739.9 rubles,
  • Vitebsk district – 1671.2 rubles,
  • Gomel district – 1800.0 rubles,
  • Grodno district – 1776.5 rubles,
  • Minsk district – 2019.5 rubles,
  • Mogilev district – 1630.5 rubles.

Economic Activity Insights and Wage Trends 2023

If we analyze the profit within the framework of any economic activity, the average salary in the information and communication sector in August amounted to 5103.3 rubles. In the financial and insurance industry, it amounted to 2894.6 rubles, and in industry – 2169.9 rubles. In addition, the average salary in the construction industry was 2320.3 rubles. Nominal wages in agriculture, forestry and fishing were set at 1658.4 rubles, in healthcare – 1632.8 rubles and in education – 1236.8 rubles.

This information gives a clear picture of the salary dynamics of various specialists in 2023. It indicates a growing demand and, consequently, an increase in wages within these sectors.

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