What are the Areas with the Highest Salary?

Belarus provides various career paths, each with earning potential. Specialists explain sectors where professionals can earn top salaries. These industries value specialised skills and expertise, making them claimed. Let’s delve into the opportunities and outlook for working in high-paying fields.

Salaries by type of economic activity

The National Statistical Committee of Belarus (Belstat) has published data on the average accrued salary of Belarusian workers in January 2024: 1,991 rubles. The accrued wage is the amount without income tax deduction and other mandatory payments. 

In December 2023, according to Belstat, the average accrued salary was 2,271 rubles. December charges are higher in connection with year-end payments, bonuses and other payments by the end of 2023 in several industries and individual companies.

According to the latest data from Belstat, in January 2024, the nominal accrued wages by type of economic activity amounted to:

  • Information and communication – 5,182 rubles.
  • Financial and insurance activities – 3,533 rubles.
  • Wholesale and retail trade of cars, motorcycles and their repair – 2,791 rubles.
  • Professional, scientific and technical activities – 2,367 rubles.
  • Construction – 2,180 rubles.
  • Industry – 2,174 rubles.
  • Transportation, warehousing, postal and courier activities – 1,981 rubles.
  • Real estate transactions – 1,682 rub.
  • Health and social services – 1,662 rubles.
  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 1,563 rubles.
  • Provision of other types of services – 1,532 rubles.
  • Creativity, sports, entertainment and recreation – 1,450 rubles.
  • Education – 1,447 rubles.
  • Temporary accommodation and meals – 1,441 rubles.
  • Activities in the field of administrative and support services – 1,388 rubles.

IT specialists

Suppose Belstat’s data on salary statistics are considered in more detail for certain types of activities. In that case, it can be noted that the most significant salary in January 2024 was 6,900 rubles accrued to IT specialists—employees engaged in information technology and information service activities. 

Despite this, there has been a traditional post-New Year decline in earnings in the sector: compared with Belstat data on the salary of IT specialists accrued in December 2023, which amounted to 8,444 rubles, January accruals decreased by 1,543 rubles. 

In addition to employees in the information technology and information services field, in January 2024, the high level of earnings for air passenger transport workers was 4,993 rubles.

More than 3,000 rubles were credited to employees in January 2024:

  • Who provides financial services, except insurance and additional pension provision – 3,767 rubles.
  • Mining industry – 3,686 rubles.
  • In support activities in financial services and insurance – 3,543 rubles.
  • In the production of refined petroleum products – 3,417 rubles.
  • In scientific research and development in technical sciences – 3,290 rubles.
  • In engineering and technical design and provision of technical advice in this area – 3,023 rubles.
  • The average accrued salary in Minsk in January 2024 amounted to 2,697 rubles.

How much doctors, engineers, trade specialists, drivers, linguists, builders and industrialists earn

Almost all industries were affected by the post-New Year reduction in accrued salaries.

In January 2024, the average accrued salary for doctors was 2,936 rubles.

The salary level of an engineer depends on many factors, such as the engineer’s specialisation, work experience, level of education, and location of work. According to job sites, the production company in Grodno is ready to offer 5,441 rubles to the chief engineer. Ordinary engineers in Minsk are offered from 1,500 rubles (in budget organisations—from 1,200 rubles) to 3,000 rubles per month.

According to Belstat, 1,625 rubles were accrued to specialists in the retail sector in January. It does not apply to the retail trade of cars and motorcycles. Minsk is looking for sellers for salaries on average from 1200 to 2000 rubles.

According to Belstat, in January 2024, the average accrued salary in the field of passenger transportation amounted to 2,073 rubles. According to the job site, drivers are looking for salaries from 1,350 to 7,755 rubles; they are often offered 2,000 rubles monthly.

Teachers of various languages are also in demand. For example, according to the vacancy website in Minsk, Russian language teachers are offered from 800 rubles per month. For English language teachers, the salary is 1,500 rubles, although options from 700 to 2,000 rubles are possible, and for German teachers, from 3,500 rubles.

According to Belstat, the average accrued salary in construction in January 2024 is 2,180 rubles. On the job site in Minsk, they are looking for builders for salaries from 1,800 to 3,500 rubles, often offering 2,000 rubles.

According to state statistics, the average accrued salary in January 2024 was 2,174 rubles. The average accrued earnings in the industry differ depending on the production field. The highest is 3,686 rubles in the mining industry. The next most significant earnings is the production of chemical products—2,930 rubles. Workers producing paper stationery in the industrial sector are last in terms of average accrued earnings. They were charged 1,551 rubles in January 2024.

Who gets the lowest salary

In January 2024, it did not reach 1,500 rubles. The average earnings of postal workers and couriers is 1,449 rubles. 

For employees of the catering and temporary accommodation sectors, in other words, hotels, in January 2024, the average earnings were 1,459 rubles and 1,385 rubles, respectively. 

In education – 1,447 rubles.

According to Belstat, low earnings in January 2024:

  • Those employed in the provision of social services – 1,208 rubles.
  • Librarians, museum and archival staff and other cultural workers – 1,143 rubles.
  • For water transport workers – 1,085 rubles.
  • Employees of hairdressers and beauty salons earned the least in January. They have accrued only 966 rubles.

What are the highest paid professions in the world

According to the ratings of the highest-paid professions, it can be concluded that to achieve a high level of earnings, it is rational to consider vacancies in several primary industries: information technology, finance, medicine, engineering and marketing.

Some of the highest-paid professions in the world include:

  1. Surgeons and doctors. It is valid for plastic surgeons;
  2. Lawyers;
  3. Heads of large companies;
  4. Programmers and engineers in the IT field;
  5. Financial analysts and bankers;
  6. Professional athletes and coaches;
  7. Investment bankers;
  8. Heads of marketing departments;
  9. Architects;
  10. Airline pilots.

These are just a few examples of high-paying professions, and earnings in each can vary significantly depending on experience, skill level, place of work and other factors.

There is no industry, but the earnings are the highest in the world

One of the most “expensive” professions in the world is a specialist in data analysis, storage and processing. No specific industry can attribute this profession. Such specialists create company development plans and business processes and analyse ways to get the most profit. This requires mathematics, analytics, statistics, modelling, and computer science knowledge. Here is the average annual earnings of data processing specialists in some countries:

  • USA – 95 000 – 250 000 US dollars;
  • Switzerland – 113 500 – 130 000 US dollars;
  • United Kingdom – 78 000 – 114 000 US dollars;
  • Israel – 98,000 US dollars.

The field of high technology

According to data for 2023, the most profitable sector in the world is IT. The highest salaries for workers in this field are in the United States.

In the USA, the annual income of a software developer is, on average, 112,000 US dollars, which is about 9,330 US dollars per month. 

The average annual income of a data processing specialist is $160,000, and a mobile application developer is $103,000.

The medical field

There is a high demand for qualified doctors in the world. According to statistics, doctors in Germany have the highest earnings:

  • An anesthesiologist and an orthodontist earn $142,000 per year;
  • Maxillofacial surgeon – USD 136,000 per year;
  • Paediatrician and obstetrician-gynaecologist – approximately $119,000 per year.


Engineers are in demand in all branches of production and industry. Engineering workers in Australia have the highest earnings.

  • A design engineer earns $110,000 per year;
  • Design engineer – 100,000 US dollars per year;
  • Power engineer – 90,000 US dollars per year;
  • Technologist – 85,000 US dollars per year.

How much employees of the banking and financial sector earn

Monetary companies require financial specialists, not only banks. They are also in demand in industry and business. The highest earnings of such specialists are in Switzerland.

  • The CFO and auditor earn an average of $130,000 per year.
  • Accountant – 104,000 US dollars.
  • The credit expert is 98,000 US dollars.

The field of aviation

Employees in this field have unique skills after difficult training. Their increased workload pays well. They earn the highest salaries for aviation employees in the United States. 

  • An aeroplane pilot earns $155,000 per year
  • An aerospace engineer – $122,000 per year.
  • An aircraft mechanic – 100,000 US dollars per year.
  • Air traffic controller – 77,000 US dollars per year.

The field of marketing

Specialists with the creativity and knowledge to promote brands are in demand in all sectors of the economy. They earn the highest salaries in the field of marketing in the USA.

  • The brand manager earns $79,000 per year.
  • Market analyst – 77,000 USD per year.
  • Copywriter – 63,000 US dollars per year.
  • Advertising specialist and marketer – $60,000 per year.

Who are the highest paid specialists among women

It isn’t easy to single out exclusively female specialisations while highly paid ones. For men, it is possible to focus on professions that require physical labour, and for women, psychological and mental aspects are often necessary. Women usually choose careers in education, hairdressing, stylistics, cosmetology and other creative areas. Earnings in such areas depend very much on the state in which the employee works. In Belarus, professions in the beauty field cannot be officially called highly paid. According to Belstat data for January 2024, earnings in the beauty sector are the lowest of all sectors of the economy. 

Women may well be data processing specialists who belong to the highest-paid profession in the world.

In the world

As for the highly paid professions available to women, the following can be distinguished among them:

  • Pharmacist – the average salary in most countries is 125,000 US dollars per year;
  • Doctor – $232,000 per year;
  • Lawyer – 86,000 US dollars per year;
  • Information systems manager – US$ 124,000 per year;
  • A nurse costs $104,000 per year.

These data are global. The data in Belarus, of course, differ.

In Belarus

Belarus’s most “feminine” spheres are the financial and accounting spheres, education, personnel management, medicine and trade. 

According to Belstat, the average earnings in finance and insurance are among the highest in the country. For comparison with the previous statistics, we will convert earnings into US dollars: about 13,800 US dollars a year are earned in Belarus by specialists in this industry, in which most employees are women. 

Earnings in the field of accounting are slightly lower. According to Belstat, the average earnings of accountants in January 2024 were 2,334 rubles. In this case, the approximate annual income in US dollars is 9,180 US dollars.

At the same time, more and more women are entering the IT sector, where the average salary is the highest in the world and does not depend on the employee’s gender.

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