What is an Internship in IT?

An internship in information technology (IT) is one of the most popular ways for students and young professionals to begin their professional growth. Starting in this field has its own peculiarities and nuances in Belarus. This article explains what an internship in IT is, what the formats of such programs are, what benefits they can bring to participants, what mistakes interns make and how the internship can end.

Why does a novice IT specialist need an internship

An internship is when you can quickly assess how interesting the chosen direction is for a specialist and how it contributes to his professional growth. In addition, it is a valuable experience that contains what beginners often lack: the first job in a resume, a portfolio with real projects or coding that can be demonstrated at an interview.

Why do IT companies recruit interns

IT companies are often interested in unlocking the potential and growing specialists suitable for their tasks from scratch under the guidance of experienced mentors. During the internship, IT companies can:

Evaluate the candidate’s potential

An internship provides an employer with an opportunity to evaluate the abilities, professional skills, working methods, and suitability of a potential employee before making a hiring decision.

Replenishment of the personnel reserve

An internship can attract talented young professionals to the company and prepare them for future roles and responsibilities.

Replenishment of the case of ideas for the company

Interns can bring new ideas, approaches, and perspectives to the company through their training and by providing a fresh point of view on problems and tasks.

What are the advantages of an internship in an IT company?

An internship for an IT specialist has many advantages. 

  1. The internship provides an opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in a natural professional environment, which helps to deepen knowledge and skills. 
  2. The internship allows you to understand how interesting and suitable the chosen field is for a future career, which contributes to making the right decision about future development. 
  3. The internship provides an opportunity to build valuable professional contacts and expand your professional circle of communication. 
  4. Successfully completing an internship can be a great career start and help you get a permanent job in the company.

What should a future intern pay attention to?

Before you get an internship, you need to:

  1. Ask about the companies that take interns. Find out on what terms the internship takes place and what values the chosen company has.
  2. Find out what the requirements are for the education of interns.
  3. Find those who have already completed an internship at the chosen company and talk to these people.
  4. IT companies that attract interns often hold online and offline events for aspiring IT professionals. Attending such events and communicating with future colleagues will be useful.
  5. You must prepare your resume and portfolio and create a CV and cover letter. The set of documents depends on the company’s requirements.

How long can an internship at an IT company last?

1. In the case of an employment contract with an intern, the probation period lasts up to three months. Within this period, the company determines the internship procedure, payment terms, the mentor, the method for interacting with him, and the procedure for evaluating the completion or non-completion of the internship.

2. Seasonal internships are designed for students and usually occur during holidays. Companies that conduct seasonal internships do this annually so students can prepare their portfolios and resumes in advance.

3. Internships in the format of schools. This practice is not the most common, as it often requires obtaining an educational license. However, doing such internships online in foreign IT companies is possible. The duration of such internships can range from 1 to 6 months. Both students and other specialists who have time for this can be interned.

4. In the field of IT management, there are leadership programs that last from nine months to several years and allow for gradual growth in the position held. 

Where can the internship take place 

Internships can be in the office, remotely or hybrid when the intern spends some time in the office and performs his tasks remotely. The tendency to return to offices persists in several IT companies. Therefore, internships in local companies may require a presence in the office.

What stages of the internship selection will you have to go through

After the IT company that recruits interns is selected, most often, the specialist will have to go through the following stages:

  1. Application submission
    Candidates apply for an internship by attaching a resume and sometimes a cover letter.
  2. The interview
    Applicants whose applications have been selected are invited to an interview, where they are usually interviewed on technical and general issues.
  3. Passing the test tasks
    Some companies may offer applicants the opportunity to complete tests or projects to assess their skills. However, this stage is often skipped during the selection of interns.
  4. The offer
    After completing all the qualifying stages, the company offers the applicant a place for an internship.

What mistakes do interns make? 

Interns need to pay attention to some actions that will postpone the purpose of the internship and make it more challenging to enter the profession:

1. Waiting for detailed instructions at each stage

A mentor should help you adapt to a new environment, learn new technologies, and provide assignments. It is essential to understand that this is an experienced developer from among the company’s employees who has their tasks and responsibilities. It must be remembered that an internship is a workflow where an employee is responsible for his work and results. An internship is not just a study, as at a university. It is a job demonstrating your skills and abilities as an employee. The mentor also monitors the speed of task completion, the ability to perceive new information, and the willingness to offer a solution even if it may be erroneous.

2. Excessive timidity and lack of initiative

This often happens when you get your first job experience. However, it is crucial not to succumb to uncertainty but to show your professional skills and qualities to the fullest and highlight your strengths in front of the employer.

3. Confusion and termination of work when the task is unclear

If the task condition is unclear, do not hesitate to ask questions and ask again. If your mentor is busy, contact your colleagues. Sometimes, you can figure it out independently by rereading the task, searching the Internet, or studying a topic that causes difficulties. It is important to show initiative and independence. Break down the task into parts if it seems complicated. This will help you better understand its structure and requirements.

4. Ignoring constructive feedback

This hinders the interns’ development and improvement of skills during the internship. We recommend paying attention to developing soft skills, as this is a crucial aspect that is paid attention to during interviews and will help clarify misunderstood tasks and formulate feedback.

5. The tendency to conflict

Aggressive behaviour, a tendency to conflict, and an inability to interact effectively in a team can negatively affect the effectiveness of the internship.

6. Inability to organize your time

It is necessary to learn how to distribute work tasks evenly and not overload yourself so as not to exhaust yourself. Employers appreciate a conscious approach to work in which, if you do not meet deadlines, you warn management and do not overload yourself with unnecessary responsibilities.

How can an internship at an IT company end?

An internship at an IT company can end in different ways. This depends on several factors, such as the quality of the work performed, the efforts of the intern, interaction with colleagues and mentors, and the company’s needs. Here are a few possible outcomes:

1. The offer of a workplace.

If you have demonstrated excellent professional development and enjoy working in the company, you may be offered to stay permanently.

2. Recommendation for employment

Even if the company cannot offer you a job after the internship but is convinced of your abilities, it can give you a good recommendation or help you find a job in another company.

3. No offer

If you do not fit into the company or do not show your best side, the internship may end without an offer to extend the cooperation.

It is important to remember that no matter the outcome, an internship at an IT company is always a valuable experience that will help you better understand your interests and advantages, develop your professional skills, and find your place in the field of information technology.

An internship is not only an opportunity for professional growth but also a time to improve personal qualities such as perseverance, independence, and sociability. Let each task bring you closer to success, and let each mistake become an essential lesson for improvement.

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