Accounting Services for IT Companies in Belarus

The accounting service for IT companies in Belarus provides specialized accounting services, tax support and financial consulting, as well as personnel records management. Our accountants speak English and have extensive experience in interacting with financial institutions on money transfers to Belarus. Taking into account the specifics of IT companies’ activities, our service provides companies with the necessary expertise in the field of accounting, taxation, HR records management and investing in Belarusian companies, helps them comply with legislation and optimize financial processes.

What services can accounting services include for IT companies in Belarus:

  1. Accounting: includes accounting of income and expense transactions, preparation of financial statements, preparation of tax reports and other aspects of accounting.
  2. Tax support: assistance in optimizing tax payments and compliance with tax legislation, including in relation to the specifics of taxation of IT companies.
  3. Financial consulting: assistance in planning financial flows, calculating tax burdens, analyzing the profitability of projects and other financial issues.
  4. Process optimization: assistance in optimizing accounting and financial processes, taking into account the specifics of the activities of IT companies.
  5. Such services help IT companies focus on their core business and entrust accounting and financial matters to experienced professionals.
  6. Issues of transferring funds to Belarus and withdrawing them from Belarus.

What to pay attention to in the contract on outsourcing accounting

In the contract, it is important to specify the list of services that are outsourced. For example:

  • Formation of accounting policy;
  • Reconciliation of calculations;
  • Processing of payment documents and money transfer;
  • Salary calculations;
  • Preparation of tax and accounting reports.

Features of HR records management in IT companies

HR records management for IT companies in Belarus includes a range of services related to personnel management and HR processes. Taking into account the specifics of IT companies, which often have many specialists and work with international clients, HR records management becomes a key element of the successful functioning of the company.

What services HR records management for IT companies can include

HR records management for IT companies includes the following aspects:

  1. Personnel management: includes the development and implementation of systems for motivation, assessment and development of personnel, planning of personnel needs and recruiting new employees.
  2. Preparation and accounting of documents: includes registration of employment contracts, hiring and firing of employees, registration of vacations, preparation of documents for working with foreign clients, etc.
  3. HR accounting: includes keeping records of information about employees, their working hours, wages, vacations and other aspects of labor relations.
  4. Compliance with the law: HR specialists ensure compliance with the labor legislation of Belarus and other regulatory norms, which is important to prevent possible legal problems.
  5. Accounting for salaries and taxes: An important aspect of HR records management is the correct accounting of salaries, taxes and insurance premiums, both for local and foreign employees.

We provide HR management services, helping IT companies effectively manage their human resources in accordance with modern requirements and standards. This allows IT companies to focus on the development of their business, and HR professionals to ensure effective personnel management.

Most often, the following issues are outsourced:

  • Audit of personnel records;
  • Hiring, firing, and transferring employees;
  • Execution of orders and management of personal files of employees;
  • Development of a list of employee responsibilities;
  • Registration of certificates from the place of work and other documents on work at the request of employees;
  • Preparation and transmission of personnel reports;
  • Keeping military records, etc.

How we interact with an IT company on HR management issues

We propose to sign an outsourcing agreement. In the contract, we define:

  • The list of personnel services and works that are transferred by the IT company;
  • What documents are submitted by the IT company and in what time period;
  • What resources does the customer provide access to the outsourcer, what data and in what way is provided to the outsourcing company;
  • The procedure for sending requests by the customer.

After signing an agreement with us, the IT company needs to issue an order to transfer accounting and HR records management to an outsourcing company. We will provide services for the registration of such a document.

When outsourcing HR records management, the processing of personal data of employees is carried out by an IT company. If necessary, the outsourcer can be an authorized person. In this case, we include in the contract:

  • Regulations for the processing of personal data;
  • The amount of personal data that is transferred to the outsourcer, the timing of their transfer, the purpose of processing, the list of actions that will be performed with personal data;
  • The procedure for the preservation of personal data;
  • Signing an agreement on non-disclosure of information and confidentiality.

After the termination of the outsourcing agreement, personal data is deleted and their processing is terminated.

In the contract, we define the order and terms of payment. This is usually a payment for each reporting period.

We can sign an SLA (Service Level Agreement) — a service level agreement. The SLA describes the requirements for the quality of work and services.

How we work after the conclusion of the contract for the provision of accounting and human resources services

The transfer of accounting and reporting documents is initially formalized by an act of acceptance and transfer of cases. In the future, you can arrange for the transfer of documents by the registry.

After signing an agreement on outsourcing accounting and human resources services, we begin to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the contract for servicing accounting and personnel records with the customer.

We appoint specialists who work with the client and regularly provide the customer with reports on the work done.

Our specialist interacts with the customer as follows:

  • Consultations: our specialists can provide advice to the customer on accounting and personnel matters, as well as help in solving tax and personnel issues.
  • Information exchange: our specialists regularly exchange information with the customer, receive documentation from him for accounting or personnel records, and also provide the customer with reports on the work done.
  • Development and updating of contracts: Our specialists can help the customer in the development and updating of contracts with employees, as well as keep records of employment contracts and other personnel documents.
  • Planning and coordination of operations: Our specialists can interact with the customer to plan and coordinate accounting and personnel accounting operations, as well as to identify the specifics of the company’s work that may require special aspects in accounting.
  • Constant support: Our specialists provide constant support to the customer, answering questions, helping to solve emerging problems and providing relevant recommendations on accounting and personnel accounting.

Our employees actively interact with the customer, ensuring professional and efficient execution of accounting and personnel processes in accordance with the needs and requirements of the customer.

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