Expanding into Belarus: HR, Legal, EOR, Law & Benefits in Belarus

Belarus is the best place of the world for EOR expansion in IT. Why?

  1. Between Russia and EU: the location is perfect.
  2. Flexible banking system: banks work with EU as well as Russian banks;
  3. Lowest taxes in IT field: very low taxes for salaries in IT. The tax is much lower than in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. It is much less than in US, UK, Canada, France, Germany.
  4. Very good balance between the Employer and the Employee (from the legislation prospective).

Employments contracts in Belarus

Types of employment contracts in Belarus

  1. Fixed-term employment contract (FTE)
  2. Indefinite-term employment contract (ITE)

The main difference between the 2 contracts is that FTE is concluded for some fixed period of time. Employer and Employee can not initiate contract termination before it expires. ITE allows the Employee to terminate the contract on a 1 (one) month notice but the Employer doesn’t have such a right.

How the contract should look like and what it should contain

Any employment contract should sign in 2 original copies, one for employer and one for employee. Each page of employment contract must be signed (requirement of the legislation).

Each employment contract must contain: 

Name of each party;

Address of each party;

Workplace location;

Work hours;

Probation period;

Start and end date (if it is FTE);

Annual leave;


Rights and obligations of parties.

Remote work in Belarus – is it legal?

Yes, it is legal. When COVID started the government of Belarus allowed to sign such a contracts – but it must be reflected in the text of the contract. Also there is no limitation about the place from which the employee should work – he/she can work even from another country.

Vacation in Belarus

Minimum number of days is 24. Some employers increase the number of vacation days up to 30. Employee can divide his vacation into parts but one of the parts should not be less than 14 days.

Sick leave in Belarus

Sick leave must be paid by the company. Later the government refunds it. Sometimes employers increase sick leave payments – they increase it. 

Health insurance in Belarus

Normally works as additional services for employees. Nowadays becoming standard for many companies to provide such a insurance for employees.

Working hours in Belarus

8 per day and 40 per week. Saturday and Sunday are days off.

Employment contract termination in Belarus

FTE can be terminated only on a mutual agreement between the employee and the employer.

ITE can be terminated on a mutual agreement as well as on 1-month prior notice by the employee.

EOR provider in Belarus – how to contact us

Write to us by mail – info@spex.by or call the phone number: +375293664477. We’d love to chat!

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