Where are the “IT Specialists” Going

IT specialists have unique skills and knowledge that allow them to work worldwide. Due to the globalization of the labour market and opportunities for remote work, many IT professionals go abroad to search for new opportunities and prospects. In this article, experts will look at where and why IT specialists decide to leave, what factors influence their choice of a place of work and what difficulties the relocators have.

Government statistics data

Last year, according to Belstat, the number of employees in the Belarusian IT industry decreased by about 15 per cent compared to 2022. 2024 there will be no wave of layoffs in the Belarusian IT sector, and hiring will be about the same as in 2023.

Why is there no active relocation in 2024

The central outflow of IT companies and specialists from Belarus occurred in 2022. Wargaming, EPAM, Flo and several other well-known brands in the IT market have left the country.

Currently, there are no active relocation processes for IT company employees for several reasons. In particular, in Belarus, there are various opportunities to receive payments from abroad for orders, and many European customers cooperate with Belarusian IT specialists through Polish companies without the need to relocate the specialists themselves, sometimes using VPN. 

Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan began to be used more often as relocation states.

Opening of new companies

Belarusian IT companies can become founders of European companies and other non-sanctioned states. This makes it possible to cooperate with European and American companies. 

The difficulties of the Russian market

Teams that do not have foreign languages in demand or experience working with European customers focus on working with Russian customers. Such customers often require the presence of an office in Russia, the actual relocation to Russia, or the Russian citizenship of employees.

Popular destinations for relocation

If companies or IT specialists decide to relocate, popular destinations are mainly Europe and North America. Some popular migration destinations for Belarusian IT professionals include the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Poland and Lithuania. These countries offer high salaries, broader professional growth and development opportunities, and more stable conditions. In addition, some IT specialists also choose remote work, which allows them to stay in Belarus but work for companies from other countries. Let’s look at some directions for the relocation of Belarusian IT specialists.


The relocation of Belarusian IT specialists to Georgia has become a more popular phenomenon since 2021.

Georgia attracts Belarusian IT specialists with its investment and business advantages, such as low taxes, openness to foreign investment and a developed digital space. Georgia also has an active community of IT specialists, making the adaptation and job search process easier for new arrivals.

To relocate to Georgia, Belarusian IT specialists may need to obtain a residence or work permit, which can be issued through immigration services or specialized agencies. The language barrier must also be considered since the Georgian language may be unfamiliar to many visitors, but in the IT field, English is widely used.

Loyal conditions support foreign business in Georgia. The size of the authorized capital is not restricted. For example, a limited liability company can start with an authorized capital of only 1 GEL.


Among the advantages of relocation to Serbia:

  1. A simple and understandable procedure for creating a company.
  2. Tax benefits for the employment of qualified foreign specialists.
  3. Unique tax advantages for innovative startups and simplified registration of residence and employment permits.
  4. The possibility of remote work with the organization of a virtual office, digitalization of business and electronic accounts.
  5. Favorable tax rates.


Advantages of relocation to Cyprus:

  1. Tax privileges and low tax rates: 80% of the profits falling under the special regime are exempt from taxes. The effective tax rate can be as low as 2.5%, with a corporate tax rate of 12.5%. Cyprus also offers a 0% tax on dividends, inheritance and property taxes.
  2. The simplicity of opening and running a business.
  3. Advantageous geographical location.
  4. Low costs of doing business while maintaining high quality. Due to a high-quality business environment and lifestyle, Cyprus can offer a 15-20% cost reduction compared to other EU countries.
  5. The pleasant climate and high standard of living.

Cyprus has one of the best private education sectors in Europe, where courses are taught in English. The country is also famous for its excellent healthcare system and the opportunity to receive free medical care.


In recent years, Dubai has become an attractive place for IT startups.

That’s what attracts IT companies:

  • Tax deductions are minimal.
  • It is possible to obtain a residence permit immediately after registering or relocating a business, including a 10-year golden visa.
  • IT company support programs such as Digital Dubai, Dubai Startup Hub, Dubai Future Accelerators, Area 2071 and others are aimed at supporting innovative and technological startups, including financial support.
  • Special free economic zones that create a unique ecosystem for international and regional companies, such as Dubai Internet City and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.


Montenegro is becoming an attractive destination for relocating IT specialists and businesses in the IT sector. Here are the advantages:

  1. Due to the prospect of joining the EU and the country’s stable economic situation, entrepreneurs can enter the market with up to 800 million consumers through free trade agreements.
  2. Favorable tax policy. Montenegro offers some of the lowest tax rates in Europe, with individual and corporate taxes levied on a progressive scale ranging from 9% to 15%.
  3. A simple business registration process.

There is no more Poland Business Harbour (PBH)

From the beginning of 2020 to the end of September 2023, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued 93,512 PBH visas, most of which (88,529) were granted to Belarusian citizens.

In 2024, Poland decided to stop providing visas for Belarusians under the Poland Business Harbour (PBH) program. The PBH visa can no longer be opened in Belarus, and the applications submitted for this visa were asked to be withdrawn. The Polish authorities made this decision in January 2024. The Polish Embassy recommended that IT specialist applicants apply for a regular work visa by invitation instead of PBH.

What to do when you already have a PBH visa

Those who already have a PBH visa in their passport can cross the border by providing proof (contract) of employment in an IT company. If there is no such confirmation, they will not be allowed into Poland. Currently, the only quick option for those who have received PBH visas is a Polish work visa, which is issued upon invitation to work for a period of one year. The possibility of staying in Poland for 365 days and in any other Schengen country for 90 days in half a year is also available.

Difficulties for relocators in Lithuania

In 2021, Lithuania was very popular for IT companies’ relocation of Belarusian employees. Among other things, due to the simplified registration of companies, opening bank accounts and obtaining residence permits by employees. There are about 5 thousand people in Lithuania now. Belarusian IT specialists. Among the IT companies with Belarusian roots in Lithuania are EPAM Systems, Wargaming Vilnius, Melsoft LT, Flo Health LTU, and Vention Development.

Lithuania is currently holding back such a relocation. The ban on Belarusian citizens’ entry and stay in the country has been extended until May 2, 2025.

What difficulties can the relocators expect at home?

Here are some points to pay attention to:

  • IT specialists who are not listed as employed in Belarus’ economy, although they work in other countries, can access the database of the population not employed in the economy. In this case, one of the consequences is an increased payment for utilities for such people’s own housing in Belarus.
  • The cancellation of several tax agreements to avoid double taxation in unfriendly countries. It may happen that when declaring income in Belarus, you will have to pay income tax, even though the tax was withheld in the country where the income was paid.
  • Lithuania is discussing the possibility of revoking a residence permit for relocators who often visit Belarus.

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